Girls ONLY - What is the fastest you have driven ALONE?

Wondering if girls like to drive fast as much as guys. Also would like to know if they prefer driving barefoot?


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95 in a 65...i personally like to drive barefoot because i can play with the pedals...

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210MPH :-D
No on the barefoot. Ya never know what can happen to heat up those floorboards and a bare foot can be slippery. I for one do not want to lose control at those speeds...besides, when I am going that fast I am generally in a fire suit and around other cars.

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I like driving fast! The fastest I have driven alone is 85. I prefer to wear shoes when I am driving fast!!

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barefoot driving the best doing 115 on I-275 awesome. sowed my stuff to a trucker.

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214 mph. Driving fast is exhilarating. I also love racing.

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Not sure how fast but had it floored in a 77 buick regal with a custom 350 under the hood. Driving barefoot? Oh yes, but only to and from the beach..

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120mph. It was 2am and I had the freeway to myself. I was driving a 1969 Ford Mustang that had a racing engine in it. My dad wrecked it about a month later.

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I've been 110 mph in my old Thunderbird on the interstate. That was a lot of fun. It had a 4.6L V8...and as long as it was dry...that car would move. ;) Rear wheel drive with that much power...grip wasn't the best! Never tried it barefoot though.

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120 km/hr with shoes on, in India , was driving a ford ikon

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130 MPH at the Richard Petty Driving School in Charlotte North Carolina. Believe me, under controlled circumstances (no other cars, people or the chance of animals in the road) is the only way to go. Please, don't even think about driving over the speed limit, it's horrible way to loose your child.

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yes i like driving barefoot

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fastest i've gone on a motorcycle was hitting around 200mph, in a car it's kind of hard to tell because my truck stops tell how fast i go after 100, but i normally drive makes me feel more in tune with the car.

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Only 100kmph, when I was at the driving school in my hometown. Now I'd like too go even faster:)))

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8.8 at 159 mph. In a AA/Comp. Coupe at Vaca Valley dragstrip, in California. I was 15. And I wore nomex booties, silly. I can't explain the feeling, but I miss it. I went on to crew on a top fuel car until about 1988. Thats not as much fun as driving. Actually, NOTHING is.

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90mph and i like to drive barefoot but it is against the law here in fla.

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