When a baseball player get a walk-off home run, do they have to touch home plate for it to count?


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a walkoff homerun is like a simple homerun

for any run to count the player must touch the the plate

this also works with other situations

bases loaded

the batter is hit

the batter and every other runner must advance to the next base to get the man on third to the plate

By touching the base the player scores a run

The player must touch the base or home plate

The same things apply when the player hits a homer instead of walking

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Ummmm.kinda confused.?

Never heard of a walk off homer, what are you talking about?If you mean a person on third coming home with the bases loaded when the batter walks to first base, this is a forced in run, not a walk on homer.

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Yes, if he doesn't he is out!

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yes, they must touch all of the bases for it to count. if someone gets a hit that wins the game only the rbi that wins the game counts unless it is a homerun then all of the rbi's count.

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yea if u eva noticed the home plate ump(if hes a good one) watches and once he touches the plate the ump leaves and lets the celebrate

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you would think that if there was a runner on base the batter would not need to but he does indeed need to touch all the bases and home plate.
i think they call it a walk off because no one needs to run

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If his run is absolutly needed to win the game then, yes.Tied 3-3 and he hits a solo shot, he must touch the plate. 3-3 base loaded and he hits one over the fence, he doesnt need to touch plate.

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Any base runner must touch all the bases. If a runner enters the dugout without first touching home plate he is out and that run does not count. Even if the ball goes over the fence.

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Yes, unless the batter-runner is prevented from doing so by fans.

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Under old rules if the player does not cross HP it is called a walk off then the amount of basses they crossed like a walk off double

Proff: when the Mets first basemen in 1998 hit a grand slam I a game against the Braves the Scorer had to call the play a walk off single since the team mobed him before he reached 2nd base

Under the 2007 rule revision you have to circle all the bases and touch home plate or the run doesn't count

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yes, always

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Unless they are hurt running the bases and can't continue.. In that case, the pinch runner must touch the plate. But yes, the plate must be touched, as must every base.

If you check the replay of any walk-off HR, you'll see that the umpires leave the field one at a time, after the batter-runner has touched each base in order. You'll also see the defense "walk off" of the field. If you're having trouble finding such a clip, try Game 6 of the 1993 WS. The radio call was "Touch 'em all Joe! You'll never hit a bigger home run in your life!", by the late Tom Cheek.

These links include the rule book.

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yes they have to touch all the bases.

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Yes a player has to touch ALL the bases for the run(s) to count.

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When Robin Vetura hit a Grand Slam HR to end a playoff game against the Braves in '99 he never made it past 2nd base because his teammates were mobbing him. He got credited with a single They won as soon as the player on 3rd base touched the plate.

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