Why do some pitchers lick their fingers before gripping the ball?


Am I the only1 that thinks this??

For exactly the reason you just mentioned...grip. The ball gets a bit dirty or has a little shine on it and a quick lick and the grip is better. Pitchers do this because the harder they can grip the ball the better they can get whatever movement they want on it. The stronger the fingers sqeeze the ball the better the spin.

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it's like licking them before turning the page in a book. It helps!!

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it is so the ball dosen't slip out of their hands.
it helps grip the ball

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Just to get some moisture. When you're fingers are dry and you try to grip the ball, it tends to slip a little bit and you lose some control. Licking your fingers creates some friction, decreasing slippage.

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It's not some pitchers but any pitcher under some conditions.

Pitchers can go to their mouths at any time, as long as they're off the rubber. WIth specific permission of the umpire, they can do so on the rubber as well.

It's simply because there are times and conditions in which the pitcher's fingertips get so dry that he can't feel the ball.

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