Is Ichiro the fastest man in MLB?


How do you throw a good curveball?

Jose Reyes is the fastest, he already has 6 triples and 19 stolen bases.

Where can an adult get baseball instruction?

no,but he sure makes shortstops and second basemen look silly when he turns a routine ground ball into an infield hit.

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Haha, no, but a great hitter none the less.

Is Babe Ruth in the Hall of Fame as a pitcher?

I don't think he's the fastest overall, but he is considered by the majority of MLB to be the fastest batter getting out of the batter's box to first base (home to first)

How great would it be if we could go just one day...?

No Reyes from the Mets is the fastest player in the league!

Now we see Canseco is right about steroid use why did ESPN try to discredit him when he came out?

left-handed batters have about a one-step advantage over right-handers, also, after the swing, their body is in a good position to sprint to first.


No, I would give that honor to either Jose Reyes or Joey Gaithright. Ichiro seems faster than he is because the natural motion of his swing tends to carry him down the first baseline giving him an extra half step or so head start. This makes a big difference on a sharply hit grounder and makes him look a step faster than he is. Not that he is slow, but the two I mentioned and probably a few others have him beat.

When is Wang supposed to come back?

No, the fastest player is Nook Logan

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No, Jose Reyes is the fastest. Ichiro may have been when at his peak.

I'm coaching a youth girls softball team, ages 11,12,&13. They can hit the ball at practice. But not at games.

He probably isn't the fastest peron. He may be one of the hardest outs you can get on a ground ball since he can run to first base really fast. Another person would also be Jose Reyes as he is fast as well.

Why do baseball umpires tuck their jackets into their pants?

No, i say Juan Peirre

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I would say he may be the fastest but Carl Crawford is a close second.

In mlb baseball what is a fielder's choice?

No, I would have to say the fastest two men from the MLB are Chone Figgins and Jose Reyes and mabey Alfonso Soriano (that is if he can ever get back on track and acuttually get on base!).

Are pitcher's from the past better than the ones today?


I live in Texas but I am a huge Red Sox fan. Is there a way around the MLB blackouts?

hmmm I see an offseason espn2 contest in the making here..who is the fastest man in baseball? I can see it now...8 men in the blocks of a hundred yard dash at the beginning and 5 men down with shin splints by the end...well maybe not a good idea after answer to the question..I agree with the person who said Nook if he could only hit.

A-Rod on steroids!!!?

Ichiro is fast but he's not the fastest in MLB - not by a long shot. For the fastest players in MLB right now I'd look at Carl Crawford (TB D-Rays), Jose Reyes (NY Mets), and the sleeper may be Willie Taveras (CO Rockies).

Red Sox fans? Do you want to call Dice-K a bust now or wait until the end of the year?

Its definitely Jose Reyes!

Whats ur favorite Baseball team?

I'm gonna have to go with Jose Reyes. He's the fastest guy. He had a fantastic 64 steals last season.
This is my top 5 fastest MLB players.
-Jose Reyes
-Carl Crawford
-Alfonso Soriano
-Jimmy Rollins

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