What does it mean to war something on the Jim Rome Show?

People always say things like "war the Patriots winning three Superbowls" or "war Oakland having the best fans." What does it mean to "war" something on the Jim Rome Show?


Why does baseball player, John Olerud, wear a helmet while in the field playing defense?

"war" in Jim Rome terminology means your all for it or you agree to what is being said.

War on the the Tigers coming back in the 2007 World series

I'm Out

In baseball, what's the difference between and fly ball and a pop up?

its like giving your support, and wishing good things on whatever or whoever your talking about

What Do you think of Daisuke Matsuzaka?

War in this case is you support it or are for it.

Sammy sosa, comeback player of the year?

This guys still is on the radio? Not being a smart a**, but truly, I did not know he still is on the air!

Who is the worst player currently in the Major Leagues?

WAR you getting the meaning of WAR.

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