In baseball stats, what does the letters stand for, like k, what does it mean?


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this site gives you every stat for baseball and you can click each stat and you can get a description of each stat.

hope this helps.

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K is Strike Out.

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K = strikeout. When scoring a baseball game a K is a strikeout swinging, while a backwards stands for a strikeout looking.
BB = walk, or Bases on Balls.

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era=earned run avg
whip=walks plus hits per innings pithed
hr=home run
hbp=hit by pitch

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There are many abbreviations in baseball, here are some:

AB - At Bats
BB - Bases on Balls (Walks)
AVG - Batting Average (also BA)
CS - Caught Stealing
1B / 2B / 3B / HR - Single, Double, Triple, Home Run
GIDP - Ground into douple play
GS - Grand Slams
HBP - Hit By Pitch
H - Hits
HRR - Home Run Ratio
IBB - Intentional Base on Balls
ISO - Isolated Power
LOB - Left on Base
OBP - On BasePercentage
OBS - On Base PLUS Slugging
R - Runs
RBI - Runs Batted In
SF - Sacrifice Flies - also SAC
SH - Sacrifice Hits (Bunts) - Also SAC
SLG - Slugging %ge
SB% - Stolen Base %ge
SO - Strike Outs
TB - Total Bases

A - Assists
CS - Caught Stealing
DP - Double Play
E - Errors
FLD% - Fielding %age
GP - Games Played
OFA - Outfield Assists
PB - Passed Balls
PK - Pickoffs
PO - Put Outs
SB - Stolen Bases (allowed)
TC - Total Chances
TP - Triple Play

AO - Fly Outs (air)
BB - Bases on Balls (walks)
BK - Balks
BS - Blown Save
CBO - Combined Shut out
CG - Complete Games
CGL - Complete Game Losses
ER - Earned Run
ERA - Earned Run Avg
GF - Games Finished
GO - Ground Outs
GOAO - GO/AO ratio
GP - Games Played
GS - Games Started
H - Hits
HBP - Hit Batters
HR - Home Runs Allowed
IBB - Intentional Walks
IP - Innings Pitched
IPS - Innings Per Start
K - Strike Outs
K/BB - Strike Outs To Walks Ratio
K/9IP - Stirke Outs Per 9 Innings Pitched
L - Losses
MB9 - Baserunners per 9 innings
OBA - Opponents BAtting Avg
OOPS - Opponent On-Base Plus Slugging
PA - Plate Appearances
R - Runs
RPF - Relief Failures
RW - Relief Wins
SHO/S - Shutouts
SO - Strike Outs
SV - Saves
SVO - Save Opportunities
TB - Total Bases (allowed)
W - Wins
WHIP - Walks + Hits per Innings Pitched
WP - Wild Pitches

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K - strikeout swinging
backward K - strikeout looking
HR - Homerun
BB - walk/base on balls
IBB - Intentional walk
H - Hits

there are more that i cant think of

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K = strikeout


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K...Strike out batted in
SB...stolen base
CS...caught stealing
HBP...hit by pitch
WP.wild pitch
PB..passed ball
SF.sacrifice fly
FC...fielders choice
LOB...left on base
HR.home run
OBP.on base percentage
ERA...earned run average
BB...base on balls (walk)
SLG...slugging percentage
DP...double play
CG...complete game
BAA.batting average against
IP...innings pitched

I know I am forgetting a few (trying to do off the top of my it hurts) but this is the majority of abreviations that are used.

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S= Save
W= Win
K=StiKe out
BB=Base on Balls (walk)
ERA=Earned Run Average (for pitchers)
BA=Batting Average
WHIP=Walks+Hits per Innings Pitched
OBP=On Base Percent
LOB=Left On Base
RISP=Runners In Scoring Position
RBI=Runs Batted In
HBP=Hit By Pitch

Those are the ones I can think of off hand, hope this helps

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In baseball K stands for srikeout or punchout.

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