Why do pitchers wear a jacket if they get on base?


What does go-ahead home run mean?

Are you serious, why do you wear a coat, they say there are no dumb questions but i think i just found one, you should lose points for asking this

Oh to answer your question its to keep his legs warm.

Can an Umpire call in the same game at which his/her daughter is playing in? ( let alone pitching)?

To keep their arm warm.

What year was baseball invented, who invented it?

It helps keep their arm warm and prevents it from tightening up so they won't injure themselves when they go back out on the mound.

Bonds. Matter of Race?

It's supposed to take better care of their arm. They often wear it in the dugout too. The comfortable warmth helps prevent cramps that the coldER air could cause.

Was anyone really surprised by Mike Hampton injury?

To keep their arm warm. For some pitches it can effect them when the go back out on the mound if it is gets cold.

Who would babe ruths modern counterpart be?

To keep their upper bodies warm and loose. If their body temp drops even a few degrees, their muscles and ligaments will start to tighten up which can cause major discomfort, loss of vilocity and control, and can lead to injury.

How many players who wore a montreal expos jersy are still playing in the mlb?

To keep their arm warm.

What about A-Rod's walkoff grand slam?

To keep warm - you actually don't see it as much during the summer months as during the spring. I think it's technically a uniform violation, but there's a bit of a gentleman's agreement among managers not to call each other on it.

What is the major league record for consecutive home runs hit by one team in one game?

it would keep the pitchers arm warm for when he goes back out to pitch

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