Can a pitcher record a win and a save in the same game?

For example: a starting pitcher goes into the ninth up a run, then a reliever comes in and the starting pitcher plays right field. The reliever lets two runners reach base, and the starting pitcher comes out of right field and takes the mound again, with runners inherited. He strikes out the side. Does he get the win (which he was lined up to have entering the inning) and the save (because he inherited runners and didn't let them score)?


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No. Rule 10.19 makes this explicit. A save cannot be credited to the winning pitcher.

Edit: those claiming that a pitcher moved to a defensive position cannot take the mound again are mistaken. It's rare, but it does happen. If the pitcher comes OUT OF THE GAME he cannot return -- baseball is single-substitution -- but as long as he is still in the game he can be moved to any other defensive position repeatedly.

Herzog did this a few times in the mid-80s with Todd Worrell. I'll link in a box score if I can find one.

Edit#2: Ah, here's one:

Phillies at Cardinals, 22-Sept-1987.
Worrell relieved Cox in the top of the eighth with two out and a man on first, leading 3-1, so the save situation was in effect. He quickly ended the inning with a forceout.

Cardinals did nothing in the bottom of the eighth.

Top of the ninth, Worrell still pitching:
Schmidt homered (now 3-2).
Von Hayes, a lefty batter, was due up. Herzog wanted to bring in Dayley (southpaw) to face him but not take Worrell (righty) out of the game, so here, the classic Herzog move: Worrell moved from P to RF, Dayley came in to pitch, and RF Johnson left the game. Dayley took Johnson's slot in the batting order.
Hayes struck out. Due up was Schu, a righty batter. So, the second part of the waltz: Worrell moved from RF back to P, Dayley left the game, and Morris entered the game in RF.
Schu grounded out.
Daulton lined out.
Cardinals win, 3-2.

Take a look at the pitcher's section of the box -- Worrell isn't the last pitcher listed but is credited the save. It looks wrong but is correct; he was the last pitcher, but his two appearances on the mound are rolled into one line. Also look at his entry in the hitter's part of the box: his position is listed as "p, rf, p" which is exactly what he did.

Rare, but allowed.

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No. that is not at all possible. the win or save would go to the reliver.

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nope. you cant save or hold your own win.

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no once a pitcher is pulled he cannot pitch in the game again

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thats imposible once the picher is taken off the mound he cant come back on but pichers can get saves if they pitch the whole game and win they get the W and the save

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That scenario isn't possible- once the pitcher leaves to play right field, that's it, he can't return to the mound. It's the same as a pitcher who comes out of a game, he can't return to pitch.

A pitcher who throws a complete game does *not* get a save.

I'm skeptical of this loophole described. I've always heard that you cannot pitch your way to a save. If you come into a game down on runs or tied, he'll become the pitcher of record if his team regains the lead. For that he gets a win, not a save.
EDIT: Chipmaker, nice job, I stand corrected. Thumbs up for you!

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yes this is possible. A pitcher may be taken off the mound and moved to another position and then pitch again in the same game. It is not very common, but has happened a few times. As for getting credit for the win that is totally up to the official scorekeepers descretion. They have a little leeway to make ruling like that. There have been very few situations, and I cannot recall them specifically, that a releiver has come in and gotten both a win and a save for pitching in one inning of game in which his team took the lead in the top half of the ninth. The official pitcher was taken out for a pinch hitter so there was no pitcher of record. It is a statistical loophole.

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nah, it would be a save for the closer, and a no decision for every pitcher on the same team before him

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the only position that a player can not return to in the same game is pitcher. now being the fact that its impossible the reliver would get the save.. Good question but a confusing one...

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No. It is an either/or proposition. A pitcher can leave the MOUND (not the game) and return to the mound later in the game. There is a limit to the number of times in a game this can happen because a manager WAY back in the day used to switch pitchers out depending on match-ups. I forget if it is a number of times within an inning or a game, but there is a limit.

Either way, the answer to the question is No.

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no. if a reliver is brought in and the the team is down and they score and win the reliver gets the win. if they are tied or ahead and the tying run is on second or at bat when the reliver is brought in and they dont score he gets the save, now if they do score and the team loses he gets the loss and if the other team scores and knots it up but the team(with reliver) comes back the reliver gets the win.

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no the winning pitcher can't be the saving pitcher

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It's 10.01 and 10.19 of the rulebook.

For the record, if a pitcher moves to the field for any reason, he can move back to the mound at any time, so long as he hasn't left the game. But in the AL, he'd have to come above the line and hit.

Where are you, Whitey Herzog? Where are you, Tommy Lasorda? Where are you, Tom Trebelhorn? The first two did it often, and I was in the stands on June 6, 1989, in Toronto, when Tom Trebelhorn did it.

Chuck Crim started the bottom of the 9th inning with Milwaukee ahead 6-3. He allowed a lead-off double to Fred McGriff, then a single to Rance Mulliniks, who pinch-hit for Pat Borders. McGriff moved to third on the single. He then struck out Lloyd Moseby, and allowed a walk to Ernie Whitt, who was pinch-hitting for Bob Brenly.

With the bases loaded, Trebelhorn brought Tony Fossas in to pitch to Nelson Liriano, but moved to Crim to first base, so that he could return to the game. This meant that the Brewers lost their DH, and Fossas was put into the lineup in the 2-hole, which had been occupied by DH Robin Yount. Fossas allowed an RBI single to Liriano, scoring McGriff, but keeping the bases loaded. Fossas was then removed from the game, and replaced by Crim, and Terry Francona came in to play first, while Crim was put into the lineup in the 7-slot, replacing Greg Brock, who had originally been playing first.

Crim then retired Tom Lawless, pinch-hitting for Rob Ducey (who in turn had pinch hit for Juniore Felix in the 7th) and Tony Fernandez to end the game.

Teddy Higuera had started the game, but left after 5 innings, with the score 3-1 Jays. Jay Aldrich was the first reliever for the Brewers. He pitched 3 innings, during which they took the lead. Aldrich won the game, and Crim got the save. Fossas, because he didn't retire a batter, didn't qualify for a hold.

Many of the people in the stands around me had no idea what was going on, or whether or not any of this was within the rules. However, Tommy Lasorda had done this long bfore that game.

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