How long do high school baseball games last on average?


What is a walk off home run? I've heard it mentioned but don't know what it is. Someone please help me.

since they are 7 innings,
1 hr 30 min- 2hr

How do you get personal messages to appear on the scoreboard at a baseball game?

90 minutes.

Which baseball player has hit the longest homerun at Shea Stadium, NYC?

too long - and they are so boring :(

Who is the pitcher with the most strike outs in a game in all history of baseball ?

90 min - 2 hours

In baseball what does WP mean...?

1 1/2 - 2 hours.

Did Bernie Williams Retire before the 2007 season?

Seven innings which is usually about 2 hours. They would last only 90 minutes as some other people have said if the games were only 4 innings long.

Does Bud Selig have an obligation to discipline Curt Schilling for his comments against Bonds?

usually 1 and a half hours unless your being no hit,or loosing 26-3 trying just to get three outs,in the outfield for 45 minutes

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