What do baseball players say to each other?

I've notices this while watching baseball games on television. When the batter gets a hit and goes to first base, before the pitcher faces the next batter the baserunner and first baseman will talk to each other. What do they say?


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They often talk about how they got on base. They'll say "nice hit" or "good eye man" stuff like that, because they're all baseball players and they can relate. Some know eachother and will ask about how their family is doing and stuff like that. Some guys talk trash playfully, some guys just talk about random stuff trying to get into your head (Kevin Millar). The more they talk to the runners, the less focused they are on the actual game, so they can be picked off or make a stupid decision.

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a lot of times they are just saying hi, and or talking about the pitcher..

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They bullshit.

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usually they just chat about stuff, cause alot of times they maybe used to be teammates and buddy's and talk to 1 another when they get a chance to, and just joke around, just like NBA players always do that b4 a player shoots his free throws from the line, and shake hands and bump chests b4 games start, and same in baseball, since the game is so slow at times, they just chat while a coach or catcher visits mound, and just laugh and joke around

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Say what's up and / or do some fun bantering of which team is going to win. It's not usually anything bad, if they don't like each other they just don't talk. Many times they are laughing about the hit.

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talk about strategy

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They are talking about what club they are going to hit after the game and how drunk they are going to get.

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