When I hit a softball it hurts my hand and I'm not sure why.?

I just started playing softball for the first time. When I swing and the bat connects with the ball it hurts my hands. And sometimes the outside part of my hand hurts, the lower outside palm. It still hurts like I hit it on something. What am I doing wrong on my swing?


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you are not doing anything wrong. i think that your hands just have to get used to swinging and having the ball hit the bat. the ball hitting the bat causes a lot of pressure and vibration through the bat into the your hands.

i played baseball in high school and during the offseason, i would play other sports and as baseball season approached, i'd get into the batting cage and hit some. my hands would always hurt and feel sore the first few times i do it, but after a while and by the time the season started, my hands would be fine.

just keep playing, keep swinging. use batting gloves, they will help your hands. good luck and have fun.

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loosen up your grip on the bat

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you need to wear a batting glove. get one with good padding.

you will get used to it after a while.

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Quit hitting a softball.

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Try holding the bat more relaxed. That way the shock can be absorbed by your joints.

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Wear batting gloves. What you feel is that nasty vibration on contact. The gloves will eliminate that.

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Make sure your hitting the softball with a softball bat, not a baseball bat too.

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Wear batting gloves and use a firm grip. Too tight or loose will cause the bat to vibrate and sting your hands.

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Try the following-

Use batting gloves when you are batting. These may provide more cushioning.

"Choke up" on the bat. try moving your hands further away from the handle. The bat grip will be firmer plus your hands will be on a thicker more stable area of the bat.

If you are using a metal bat try using a wooden one. They vibrate less.

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make sure you are gripping the bat correctly. you might need someone to show you exactly, but you should be holding the bat with your fingers, not your palms. if you hold the bat wrong it could vibrate

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Getting batting gloves help a lot! But it is caused by vibration which can be caused by a few things A. You are miss hitting the ball (ex: off the hands as it is called in baseball/softball terms meaning you are hitting it off the middle of the bat and not getting the meat on it!) B. The bat is broken (it might not be something you can see so take the bat in your hand on the fat end and bang the handle knob on the ground to see if you get a lot of vibration and hear and odd sound! C. Cold weather plays a factor to as it makes the bat and the ball harder which can cause it! Just go get some gloves and you should be fine!

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Also, if the ball hits either the very end of the bat, or the lower part of the bat near the hands, there will be a lot of vibration. You want to try to hit the ball in the "sweet spot", where the bat is the fattest. In cold weather, the vibrations can really sting, even in softball.

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the reason why is that when you swing your enither hitting off the end of the bat or your not holding the bat tight enought and you need batting gloves

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