How fast should an 11 year old throw a fast ball?


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30-45 mph.

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not fast at all

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From 60 feet a good pitcher should be able to get it from 45-55 mph.To young to throw curves so fastballs and changeups.

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An 11 year old shouldn't be worrying about how fast they throw the ball.

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Probley between 39-49mph
This is a wonderful time to develope a changeup.
Curves aren't needed.

I developed a circle change at 11 and had a 13mph diffrence between fastball and changeup. Now at the age 14 (just turned it) because of my fastball being 63mph and changeup 44mph. I am the most dominent pitcher in my league

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probably about 50-60 mph.

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At 11 years old, they should be learning "how" to pitch. Location, Location, Location. The speed will come. If he can throw strikes and has good pitching motion, he will be a succeful little league player. Too much is made of velocity and break on a pitch. That thinking will only get the kid hurt!

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not sure - my son's 7 and he throws about 33 - which is fast for his age.

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Depending on the arm strength of the child and if little league uses the same distance regulations maybe 50-55 mph.

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40-55 for the average kid. There are some kids obviously that can exceed that but most kids dont throw that hard yet.

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Ive been coaching baseball for 5 yrs,and i have seen kids throw from 45mph to all depends on the length of their stretch,and how tall the kids are.

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45 - 55 MPH.

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I am a little league baseball coach and if he is good around 45-50 but really what he needs to worry about is the amount of innings he pitches. If he starts to throw complete games every week you should be worried. Also keep him throwing 4-seam fastballs for another year or two til he gets his controll down. Also to keep him completely safe don't let him throw any breaking pitches til he is in college ball. Maybe when he is 12 or 13 you can try a circle change up.

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i have been umpiring since 1999, and i would say 45 is about average. i once umped for a game of 13 yr olds, noticed a fast pitch and the coach told me he threw 81, but that is very rare. and as far as curve balls, in the 11 yr old league i ump in, a pitcher can be ejected from a game for throwing curves because it is HORRIBLE for their arms

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It's not about your age and it's not about your pitch speed. It's about locating your pitches and getting movement on them.

Anyone can hit a straight fastball, but getting it to move, and having command of it are the trick, no matter what your age.

Besides, even if you could show me an "average" 11-year-old, there would still be no one particular answer to your question.

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not too fast. his shoulder and elbow are not fully developed yet and he will have long term problems from throwing.
check this out. look up how many major league pitchers were actually pitchers in highschool? not many. pitchers dont' become pitchers until junior college or college or sometimes even single a ball.
there is no way someone's elbow and shoulder will hold up going through all of that stress before being fully grown and developed. the only exception may be submarine throwers, which is a more natural motion.

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