Should JEWELRY be banned for MLB players while on the field during a game?

Question:We just saw Jose Reyes of the Mets lose his "very large" GOLD CHAIN that was around his neck while running to first...and he had to go back to retrieve it.

Is there too much BLING-BLING on the field and
has it now become part of the uniform (so to speak)?


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Dont mind Reva, must be on no sleep. As for the question I dont think they should be allowed to wear jewelry. Tim was right for once in that it will eventually lead to injury.

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NO these guys get paid way too much.

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no its not a problem to them so

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Well, as long as it's not over their uniform, I'm okay. If it's over the uniform, it looks unprofessional. If they wear a golden cross under their jersey, I will support that.

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Yes. Expensive or inexpensive jewelry should not be worn on the court. Jupiter! It's a shame we have to inform overprice basketball players that they should not wear jewelry while playing..

Derek Jeter?

You're only asking because it was asked on the broadcast. I'm sure you have it in you to be the ventriloquist and not the dummy.

Even if you say yes, where do you drawn the line? Don't forget that religious icons can be worn as jewellry.

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No, Tim McCarver needs to retire.
He doesn't like anything that didn't exist when he was batting .210 and letting the league steal on home every season.

Does he ever take a break from trying to be all-knowing?

When was the last time he said, "I don't know"?

Nobody has EVER gotten injured in MLB by JEWELREY...
bling/bling or otherwise.

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no you should be able to wear it. i dont see any harm in it, nobodys gotten hurt from it yet and it would be pretty tough to get hurt from it, i dont see how you could. i have no problem with it

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I do believe the jewelry should be left in the locker room. I think that It could be a safety hazard to the players, it could also be a distraction to the other players. They should go play the game and save the "bling-bling" for their own time.

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yes this is baseball not a fashion show

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when jewelry causes delays and puts players in danger of injury yes very much so it shouldn't be allowed. maybe, just maybe, if the players only can wear the jewlry durning interviews, the players will play good enough to get an interview and to show off the bling-bling.:) hah. not really

but, preston wilson, right fielder of teh cardinals, wears this beanie hat sort of thing and i swear his helmet falls off every time he breaks a jog. i've seen it come off in the batters box even. everytime his helmet comes off i cringe for his well being.

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No! Jewelry usually does not get in the way of play on the field. I personally hate wearing dangling necklaces when playing sports, but I guess there's some guys that love to flaunt the bling

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There hasn't been any incidents regarding jewelry harming or interfering with opposing players during games so baseball allows it.

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Yes, there is no reason to be wearing jewelry while playing.

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Yes- I would say so. If you're a regular person or a kid playing in a leagure- you're not allowed to wear jewelry, or you have to tape it up. There's no reason to wear it while MLB player or any professional sports player are playing during a game- its work. They can wear what they want when they aren't working.

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Yes, there are all kinds of things that can happen to those with jewelry on and they are all bad. Actually, the other team can request the umpire to have the jewelry removed from a player because it is not part of the uniform. You will see, from time to time, the other team will request the pitcher remove the jewelry because it is distracting to the batters. The overwhelming percentage of the time nobody says anything because so many players on both teams have jewelry on during the game.

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if it is under the uniform and like small i say yes but i dont like when players wear these big chains just to show how much dough they got and how they spend it. i think they should be allowed to wear jewlry but they have to draw the line somewhere.

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were u watching the yankee met game on fox?

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No. I wear jewerly during the games in AAA. I wear the "Phiten" necklace that improves your game and keeps you energized.

A lot of my buddies wear necklaces given to them as gifts. A lot of them are very special to them, and they can't play without it.

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