How come some players always bat left but throw right and vice versa?

Ichiro always bats left even though he is right-handed. Matsui bats left and throws right. Rickey Henderson batted right and threw left...why would a left-handed person bat right all the time? It doesn't make any sense to me. Why not just switch hit then?


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There is an inherent advantage to being a left-handed hitter in baseball; for one thing, you're a couple of steps closer to first, which helps a speedy punch-and-judy hitter like Ichiro. Also, since most pitchers are right-handed, a lefty has the platoon advantage more often. So some young right-handed players learn to bat left-handed.

Rickey was an aberration; there are very few left-handed throwers who hit right-handed. Wikipedia quotes him as follows:

"All the other kids playing around me were batting right-handed, so that's the way I thought you were supposed to do it, so that's what I did, too."

Most players don't switch-hit because it is very, very hard to learn to do well. Many players who have tried were just pathetic hitters from one side or the other.

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some people have a special skill where they can use both hands for things, theres a name for it but i cant remember, but, along with that some ppl are just better at some things with one hand, and better at other things with the other, my dad golfs left handed but throws right handed, he writes left and right handed too, but if he had to write super neat he might just do it one certain way, whichever he feels more confident, so sports players have played that sport all their lives to get where they are, and theyve developed their own preference as to which hand they are better at using for a specific task.

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Its their choice, no different than your friend Barry Boobhead taking steroids. It was his choice too.

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Batting preference (left vs right) has less to do with whether a player is left hand or right hand dominant and more to do with whether he is left-eye dominant or right-eye dominant. Which batting stance is advantageous depends on which eye is dominant for a particular player.

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