Why do most switch hitters bat left-handed?


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1. More right handed pitchers
2. It makes it harder for a catcher to pick off a runner heading for 2nd base (most catchers are right handed)
3. When a left-handed batter bunts it makes it hard for the catcher to make a play at 1st.
4. Left handed hitters have the ability to hit a hard line drive down the first base line, which is virtually the only way to get a triple.

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Most switch hitters bat left-handed, because from birth, lefties are living in a world built around righties. For this reason, lefties are accustomed to having to do certain things built for righties, which naturally makes their right side stronger. Righties don't have to worry about this, as there's nothing in particular that's catered specifically to lefties. For this reason, it makes natural sense that switch hitters are natural lefties with a respectable ability from the right side.

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Because they swing on both sides of the plate? Did you mess up this question?

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weird genes? look it up!

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Switch hitters bat right or left. .Which they choose depends on the pitcher they are up against. If they have a left-handed pitcher, they have an advantage if they bat left, because most left-handed pitchers are used to pitching to right handed batters. If they are facing a right handed pitcher, the right handed pitcher is used to pitching to right handers, so batting left is an advantage. But just to confuse pitchers, they can switch around if they come up against a pitcher who is accustomed to left handers.

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I agree with guy #1 - I'm a leftie - and I bat right-handed normally..but can bat left as well. My dad taught me to golf right-handed since it's awkward to do so left..

I think also - that since most people are right-handed - the coaches don't know how to teach to bat leftie - so they teach right-handed..

Besides - lefties use both the left & right side of their brains!

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Because the definition of a switch hitter is one who bats both left and right--- SO THEY SHOULD BAT LEFT HANDED.
No actually there are many more right handed pictures and a lefty naturally hits better again est righty pictures.

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Because most pitchers are right handed?

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They don't they bat on both sides of the plate. But switch hitters mostly bat on the left side because most pitchers are right handed and it is a disadvantage to a right handed pitcher throwing to a left handed batter because the batter can see the ball better and vice versa.

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Because most pitchers throw right handed.

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Most pitchers are righties.

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they bat lefty when the pitcher is righty, and righty when the pitcher pitches lefty.

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BECAUSE MOST PITCHERS ARE RIGHT-HANDED. Its easier to hit a breaking ball that is coming toward you than one that is going away from you.

Batting left handed against a right handed pitcher means that the ball will (usually) bend toward you instead of away from you.

So, when there is a right-handed pitcher, it is more beneficial to bat from the left side. And vice-versa.

Righties want to bat against lefties.
Lefties want to bat against righties.

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*All* switch hitters bat both left *and* right-handed - that's what the term "switch hitter" means.

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I`m guessing because most pitchers are righties, switch hitters bat lefty far more often, and become more comfortable on that side.

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They bat predominantly left-handed becaused there are far more right-handed pitchers than left-handed ones.

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theres more righty pitching in the world.

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