What is the legal pitch height of an ASA softball game? Thanks.?


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According to my ASA rulebook, the pitch in an ASA sanctioned game for slow pitch softball must be between 6 and 12 feet.

However, there are locally run leagues that can change the rules of the game and still be ASA leagues. I have umpired for leagues that allow unlimited arc. I have also umpired for leagues that allow a maximum of ten feet of arc.

In a fast pitch game, there is no defined limitations to the height of the pitch.

One of the answers above is just another classic example of the players not knowing the rules, but thinking they know more than the umpire. Happens in every game.

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must be at least 6 ft arch no higher than 12 ft. for slow pitch.

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probably about 6 feet. If thats wrong than just play baseball.

Easy as pi

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8 inches

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The correct answer is 6 to 10 ft. in asa bud. 6 to 12 ft. is nsa. This is from a 8 time asa a class state champ.

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Delivery with an arc of not less than 6' and not more than 12'

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