Can I bring a backpack into AT&T Park?

What is the rule about bringing a backpack into the San Francisco Giants ballpark?


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This is on the website:

Large bags measuring OVER 16x16x8 are NOT allowed into the ballpark. All permitted bags including purses, briefcases, and diaper bags (smaller than 16x16x8) will be searched before entering the park. Fans are encouraged to arrive early and to allow additional time when entering the park. Per MLB guidelines, NO HARD SIDED (soft sided OK) coolers will be allowed. (Lil Oscar's, Coleman lunch style included.)"

Last year at AT&T park they said my bag was "too big"... it was actually a diaper bag though and they searched it and it wasn't a problem. Towards the end of the season we went with a big group and we all had bags of various sizes and shapes and everyone's bag was briefly searched, no quesitons asked. So just from prior experience... I would say contact the ballpark for the most up to date info, because with security alerts you never know how strict they'll be.

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it will be searched

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yeah you can bring one in but you can't have alcohol or any other controlled substance because they will check it. At Comerica park they made my wife throw her cuticle scissors away or she couldn't get in.

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What do you intend to carry? What could be so important? Your question only will raise red flags and concerns...

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I did before, but that was a few years ago.Things change often. I would call up the park

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