Why is Mariano Rivera allowed to wear #42 if it is retired throughout baseball? Is it because he's a Yankee??


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Anyone who was wearing the # 42 before they retired it is allowed to keep the number if they want and Mo obviously wanted to keep it. No, its not just because he's a Yankee, this was offered to everyone wearing 42.

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On April 15, 1997, Jackie Robinson's #42 was retired by Major League Baseball, meaning that no future player on any major league team could wear it. Players wearing #42 at the time, some of whom said they did so as a tribute to Robinson, were allowed to continue wearing it, thereby grandfathering the number's retirement.

and he is one of nine players that are wearing it.

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Yesterday was the anniversary of hank arron breaking into mlb so a lot of different players wore the #42. it doesnt matter that he is a yankee. Ken griffey and a bunch of other players wore it too.

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The only reason that Mariano Rivera wore number #42 was because it was to commemorate Jackie Robinson.

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The first two were right, it is because he was wearning it before it was retired in 1997. So, he was allowed to keep wearing it. 8 others were allowed to keep wearing it, but are since retired.

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A) Because they allowed anyone who already had it to keep it.
B) He is selfish and apparently thinks he is bigger than the game.

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It has nothing to do with him being a Yankee; it is only because Rivera was already wearing the number prior to its retirement by MLB. So under a "grandfather clause", Rivera is allowed to wear the number until he retires.

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Mariano Rivera has the number grandfathered because he was wearing it before Major League Baseball retired it throughout baseball. Any player wearing it before 1997 kept it and Mariano is the last player left. The others have retired or is out of baseball. The other most notable player to wear the number after its retirement was Mo Vaugn.

Mariano will, after his retirement, have the number retired and a plaque put in the famed monument park in Yankee Stadium. This will make #42 the second number retired twice by the Yankees. The other being #8 which is retired for Yogi Berra and Bill Dickey.

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No, he is allowed to wear #42 because he entered the league and was wearing the number before the number was retired therefore he is allowed to wear the # 42 until he retires and after he does the number will never again be worn

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Grandfather clause.
I thought he was the last to be wearing #42.
Who are the other 8?

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Have you not been watching games this past week, or even watch ESPN. Two players were grandfathered in to wear the #42 until they retire. One of course being Mariano Rivera of the Yankees, and the other is Mo Vaughn (no longer playing).

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Joe P is correct..Vaughn and Rivera were around then with that number and got to keep it because of the "grandfather clause".give Rivera some credit for lasting this long as a pitcher...why do you guys hate my Yankees so much?...nothing to do with it..he had it on and got to keep it..he is the only player to have it now!!

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No, it's because he was wearing 42 before it was retired. Any player who was wearing that number before it was retired is allowed to continue wearing it until he retires.

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he was wearing it before the retired # 42

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