How to heal a thrown-out arm?

i have a thrown out arm from playing baseball... i am icing it but dont no wat else to do to help it... if u have any suggestions please give them thx


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See your doctor.

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ice it like you are doing and just don't use it much, like just relax, and by tomorrow it should be fine

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You really need to rest it, completely, and continue with the ice. See a sports doctor if severe pain.

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just ice and time will work if its a minor injury

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Ice it for 15 minutes, then Heat for 15 minutes, switching between ice and heat until it feels better.

You should see a doctor for X-rays, especially a doctor that specialises in sports medicine. He can point you to advice for improving technique if possible, to prevent injuries.

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Ice down after throwing. If it continues to hurt ice for 10 mins, heat for 10 mins.

Make sure you stretch and warm up properly before playing. Throw long toss and hang from a pull-up bar. It's really all about conditioning.

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As most others will tell you, ice for 15-20 mins or about 5 minutes afters you can no longer feel it, then heat for the same amount of time. Next time you throw make sure you are focusing on techinique (most importantly the follow through if you are having elbow related problems. You should know that there is a definative difference between a strained and sore for that see your trainer. After you heat and ice for 2-3 cycles put on some bio-freeze (best before bed) and rub it in well. Lastly streatch your arm good ( if you have shoulder soreness make sure you do a vertical hang to loosten your muscles for 8 seconds) and again put on bio-freeze before your throwing

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