Why did NBA change the tight shorts to longer and looser shorts?

Remember during the 70s, players would wear their jersey and shorts really tight and shorter.why did they change it to looser and longer shorts?


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I asked the same question to my world history teacher, who knows everything there is to know about the nba. He said that MJ and Madonna are the 2 people that have changed our fashon dramatically in our time. I don't know about Madonna, but he said that MJ started the whole, longer shorts thing. It all happened in the late 80's and early 90's. Michael had skinny legs and just disliked wearing those short shorts, so he wanted a design where the shorts were longer. And as you know, MJ was mr. popular, so everyone started biting his style. But seriously, that's how it got started and made it into the mainstream. Now guys just can't imagine wearing short shorts.

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The growing population of the hip-hop culture.

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Because back then people wore tight stuff, than hip hop culture came and stuff, now people don't(except wrestlers,baseball players, and football players). It's just has to do w/ time!

Robert horry!!?

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It sure beats me. I think the present NBA uniforms look as stupid as seeing a kid on the street with his pants hanging down and his boxer shorts showing.

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the first answer

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My best guess is that it changed just to fit in with the changing style and times.

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Good question. I really don't know. Possibly it was a dress code imposed by the league, or the players just didn't like the style.
I'm glad they did though. Those shorts were a little...well, shall we say, form fitting.

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Well, when you wear something that tight, it really puts a strain on certain areas of the male body. I can't imagine playing in those things. Ugh! I can see why they loosened them up.

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Hip-hop culture.. and having your nuts squeezed while trying to run around and make athletic moves is not very comfortable

And it just looked gay.the only person to be able to pull off that look since 1990 has been John Stockton.. homo shorts went out with him

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It wasn't a change instituted by the league. Rather it has more to do with a change in men's fashion. In the '70s and '80s, guys wore tight shorts. During the '90s, they started to get longer because most men find this to be more comfortable. There also could be an influence from hip-hop culture.

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M.J. and the Bulls started wearing looser and longer shorts.
I think that made it easy to wear his UNC shorts under his Bulls shorts.

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Good question. I can't say for sure why.

But if it were up to me, I wouldn't mind today's players still wearing the shorts of Larry Bird's day -- those shorts allowed for more movement. Trust me, I play basketball wearing the shorts the NBA players wear, and those things are irritating to run with.

One downside? Those shorts make them look gay -- won't you agree?

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