What muscles does boxing tone?

i've started boxing, and i know it tones the arms and the abs, and shoulders, even back. but is there any other muscle that boxing tones? like the butt or the legs?


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Boxing definitely "tones" and strengthens the butt and legs as the muscles in these areas are used to move you around in the ring, but more importantly stabalize your body and give you power with different types of puches. Boxing is a total body work-out and in the upper body it will work the serratus anterior muscle the most, which is also known as the "boxer's muscle". Don't want to get too technical here, so look it up if you're interested.

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Sure all the body will be toned by boxing training. Esepcially the aerobic part of the muscles. First addominals and legs, then the others. Legs ar more important than your arms in a fight. Quickly movments and stamina, this skills depend by your addominals and legs.
The only part which doesn't have benefit by boxing is... the face.

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Boxing tones all of the muscles. If you are wanting to work the muscles necessary for boxing then you need to do a total body work out especially the abs and core muscles. If you want to know what muscles you will use to box, then it is every muscle in your body. Boxing is not just arms.

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All exercises that you do with your trainer will utilize all muscles in your body. It is more cardio so your legs and abs will get the most attention. Boxing is about speed and stamina no just power. If you have a good trainer you will be sore from your workouts until your body gets use to the exercises, then you will see the results.

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