Where is the best place to hit someone in a fight?


Ive just starting to train for boxing?

I've fought in 400 - 500 fights in my life without losing, I was a bullies bully I only fought people that thought they could fight.
I've been hit in the nuts,eyes, kidneys basically every part of my body. The only place that would get my attention and I noticed would drop the other person the fastest was in the throat, it stops their breathing and causes them to go into shock because of it.
I never felt the shock I've caused on others but not being able to breath caused me to stop my assault on them til it returned.

Have you heard about gazzelle punch ? is there any information about it ? like how it is done ?

Well, if you're fighting for your life... I'd say the groin or the throat.

Who are your pound for pound hardest punchers in boxing history?

i would say in the eye so that they will not see you coming.

The bigger waste of talent Mike Tyson or Tony Ayala Jr. ?

normally it hurts in the stomach or around that area or in the groin and nose hurts too

Did Tony Tucker ever fight Marvis Frazier as an amateur?

if its is a deadly fight then the throat

Biggest boxing upset of all time? What u think?


A question about Muhammed Ali ..?

step on their feet

Why did morales kiss the canvass once in the second round and twice in the third round and why did pacman win?

The stomach, the genitals, or the cheek are good places to land a blow because there's not many bones there to asborb it. However if your life counted on in it, go for the throat or the eyes, anything to get away.

Please list the top 5 or 10 Light- Heavyweights champions (no current fighters) of all -time?

In the neck, its too painful to ignore

Where does Joe "Old Bones" Brown rank in your all time Lightweight list ?

If it's a guy the groin if it's girls or guy too eyes and throat and a good slam to the nose to maybe break it.

Who is the current Heavy Weight Boxing champion?

in the throat

Which Canadian channels feature boxing? (Or which American channels which are available in Canada)?

The balls

I have Comcast cable in Fresno, CA. How do I order the Mayweather-De La Hoya fight?

in the **** face

Who should Peter Manfredo Jr fight next?

Take out the head and the body will follow. Street fights are short. Do as much damage as possible and don't worry about fatigue. A good shot to jaw, temple or boxing an ear work pretty well.

What muscles does boxing tone?


Best in this league?

page: The best place to hit anyone during a fight is not to. Nothing is such a turn-off than two girls cursing and yelling at one another in a "cat" fight. Some guys like it but when you look into it, guys don't respect the two "cats" (although they pretend to) ! Guys just want to see the girls tear off one another's clothes.

Could Bernard Taylor have beaten Juan Laporte or Azumah Nelson in a featherweight matchup?


Who is the most exciting boxer right now?

in the wallet if its a divorce case. if not in the ball bag!

Why did Laila Ali have surgery?

There's no such thing as a fair fight, so drop that notion right now... that being said you want to punch the person as HARD as you can in the throat. This will do a few things. 1) it'll stun them 2) it'll make it almost impossible for them to breath 3) it'll tie their hands up as they gasp for air 4) it'll almost immediately knock them on their back. If they don't go down, trip them to their back and stomp on their reproductive region using a grinding, crushing motion (like you're extinguishing a cigarette). if they're a guy they're not getting up for another 15 mins. If they're a chick it'll still hurt like hell. Then get the F out of there! You DO NOT want to be around when they are able to move again, or their help arrives. Either way two hits and you've either survived a rape, or defeated the biggest, badest bully to ever walk the play grounds...

Who has the longest professional boxing career record?

i would say right in the solar plexus...somewhere below the pecs and in the upper abdomen section. usually, if hit hard, the person might fall to his/her knees, lose their breath, and sometimes even cry in pain.

Articles on sugar ray robinson vs. al hauser nov. 20 1961? i would like to read them.?

what about not to fight and run and don't trip,,,lol

Carlos Zarate vs. Manny Pacquiao who wins?

tickle them to death..well Almost to death until they declare defeat =]

Has Tommy Morrison filed charges for a false HIV test? Why didn't he ever get a 2nd opinion?

Second time I've answered this question.
The nose. It's a bullseye in the center of the face. You miss, you're bound to hit something else.
Make sure the first shot you throw counts and always throw the first punch.
I've been in plenty of fights, and these little axioms have served me well.

If Evander Holyfield was beginning his heavy weight career today?

The chin

What was the most memorable fight of the '80s?

in the nose

Eating better ?

Iv'e been in many fights and I would say it depends on how bad you want to hurt them. You can take down a 300 lb man if you hit him right below his chest-plate, That's inches below the spot where CPR in performed.

What's your favourite boxing quote?

Don't fight your own battles, let GOD do it for you>

Whats the best career youve had in Fight Night Round 3?

I do not approve of fighting.. God will handle all of my fights and if God is for you, who would be against you?

Boxing Fans. Will it be worth Me taking my boyfriend to see the Championship boxing at Excel on 9th Dec?

The art of fighting without fighting is the best.

If Cotto and Hatton meet up in the near future who do you think would win. How would the winner do against FMJ

I say you give a nice uppercut right in the jaw

Mosley vs. Vargas?

In boxing, the chin is called the "button"...thats how knockouts happen, and why you always hear trainers telling fighters to keep thier chin tucked...

In an all out streetbrawl, i would reccomend you to kick a guy in the yam bag, and a girl in the meat wallet.

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