What percentage of women do you think could knock out a man with a single punch?

In movies we often see petite women ko a man easily with only one punch to the face. Please give realistic answers.


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I think it is almost impossible for a woman to knock out a man with a single punch. I use to be in the Martial Arts and I sparred with both men and women black belts. Even though some of the women black belts were just as well trained and skilled as the men, their punches and kicks just didn't have the same power. I'm sure there may be an exception to the rule. Laila Ali might be able to knock out a small man with one punch, but she is definitly not a typical female. Percentage = .0001

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100% gotta know where to hit. (temples)

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anyone can ko anybody big or small its all in delevery and follow through

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depends on the people. its a 280 pound woman punching a 140 pound man, i'm sure she could probably secure a knockout.

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I don,t care who you are if you get caught right your going down women can pack a pretty good punch I train some of them Iwill say this I have never seen a woman knock a man out with one punch

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I agree with Romeo. If a man or anyone is hit in the right spot they are going down. I am talking about a spot above the waist. If you get hit hard below the waist you know you're going down.

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The only way to knock someone down lke that is with a puch to the temple and usually most woman can't ko a guy with a puch to the temple maybe 3...

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Don't know, depends where they hit and their body strength. Lucia Rijker could definately KO any guy.

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It all depends on the persons involved. What is a "woman"? Are we talking about Chyna, or my granny? Are we talking about George Foreman, or my gramps? I find it impossible generally for that to happen. I can give no number, however it IS under 1% by far. My unc' got busted in the head from a sucker shot... WITH A BRICK! Uncy stood up (he was sitting when it happened) and beat the sh1t out of the dude. Dad fought with my mom's husband, and was busted in the head 4 times with a hammer, still won. I have been punched SO hard my head went through the wall behind me and still whooped a$s. Point is, there are many factors. In those 3, it is genetics, some people just DON'T stay down plain and simple. Then yes, size, age, willingness to fight vs laying down, past expieriances, etc. I am 100% SURE women can rock heads. But a KO off of ONE punch? Average guy average woman? LOL, what I hate most about being hit in the head is that sound. Anyone who's taken a good shot knows what I am talking about. As far as being discombobulated from it, not likely from a woman. To GUESS, average woman, average man, maybe 1% being generous.

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The answer is 0%.

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lets take it that ur talking abt the average woman and the average guy. a knock down, yes. knock out? no way. if a lady were to give man a punch hard enough to knock a man out it would probably break her hand.

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