Best Counterpunchers of All-Time?

I need to know who is the best counterpunchers in boxing history? I know Juan Marquez , Salvador Sanchez, and Jack Johnson any others out there I forgot or just do not know?


Any information on Pierre Langlois, a professional boxer, during the '50s. Net shows 581K entries. Not time!

Blogbaba's list, in no particular order:

Sugar Ray Robinson
Roberto Duran
Julio Cesar Chavez
Salvador Sanchez
Mohammed Ali
Archie Moore
Floyd Patterson
Roy Jones Jr.
Michael Carbajal
Billy Conn
Diego Corrales

And as an honorable mention at twelve my favorite counter punch of the past 20 years Gaby Canazales's KO of Miguel "Happy" Lora.

Don O gets a thumbs up from the blogbaba, Wink should have been on my list too.

Is a Water filled or sand/towel filled heavy bag best?

In his prime, Mike Tyson was a great counterpuncher, all of his offense was based on the counter, with his hight it was the best style for him. He would slip punches and counter with shots that were amazing,
Another great counterpuncher was Floyd Patterson, I don't think its' a fluke that they were both trained by the same guy.
In this day and age, Winky Wright is the best, in my opinion

Who would win this fight george foreman vs earnie shavers please say how and why ?


In response to Smitty: does anyone else have an opinion?


What happened to Welsh heavyweight boxer Rudi Pika?

Wilfred Benitez, Donald Curry, James Toney, Mike McCallum.

When is Zab Judah fighting next?

Aaron Pryor was the best I can think of. U throw and miss or even connect and we would always make you pay...Ask Alexis A.

Why do so many people really like Larry Merchant?

Hector Camaco is the best counter-puncher I've ever seen. Donald Curry was pretty good, too.

I am confused, what was the situation with Keith and Santana D?

Duran , Hagler, Leonard, Tyson , Arguello, Jimmy Young , Chavez, Prince Naseem, Camacho, Sweet Pea ,Holyfield come to mind,...also my good friend Mardo Roybal who fought jr middle for years(got called to camp in palm springs where hagler was preparing for the Hearns fight, Curry was there also and our friend Jamie Bills (a heavyweight who was also a sparring partner for big george)) and got ducked by Davey Moore (after he fought duran) mardo was a body puncher with a great chin who got almost all his kos finding out what guys had for lunch...

Floyd Mayweather and LL Cool J resemblance?

it seems that due to his recent ring woes people have forgotten just how good roy jones jr really was. as a true counter-puncher i have never seen anyone better

Why is everyone hating on Floyd?

I don't know about best but these guys should be considered,
James Toney
Aaron Pryor
Bernard Hopkins
Winky Wright
Floyd Mayweather

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