Is 30 years old too late to turn professional in boxing?


How do I get started?

if you are good never is too late, the only thing is that you have your kids and have to think about them

GOOD LUCK¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Michael Nunn vs. Gene Fullmer who wins?


Does anyone think Mayweathers issues with broken hands will play a part in this fight?

Depends on how good you are - remember there is a time limit on your effectiveness as a boxer, as well as trying to making a living from it

Joe Frazier or Sonny Liston in their prime ?

it depends on how good u are if u got the skill to do it go for it.

Where can I watch the De La Hoya fight in Austin?

depends if you are any good or not

Is there anyone or an organization that will donate boxing equipment to help start a boxing club for kids.?

Its never to late to turn professional in anything , but boxing is a very competitive sport. You shoould ask a boxing coach if its too late.

Any time I see tips in magazines and books they are for shorter fighters. What about taller fighters?

higher risk of head injuries......look for something more sedate and safe.....

"Dream bout" no holds bared...Fedor Emelianko vs. Ali?

Not if your boxing doughnuts at a Krispy Kreme

I want to get VERY far in boxing.What do I do and who do I have to know ??

It depends on you heath. If you are a heathly person abd in shape why not. A boxing career is a short career in most people.

What is the result of the fight between carlos bijourquez & marlon thomas held yesterday in san bernardino,ca?

well its been done but the sport is geting so fit i think u shuld of startetd 5 years younger at least but good luck if u dont try ur never know.

DOES Victoria Secrets Also makes underwear for Men also? or just Women ONLY?

to late for anything , you old git

Prefight weight for De La Hoya & Mayweather?

It depends on your fitness level. If you are fit enough, then it should be ok, provided you are willing to work very hard.

Did tommy morrison win his most recent fight a couple of weeks ago?

No. Have you ever watched The Contender? Many of those guys are over 30 and still very good. Like others suggested, I would definitely seek out a coach who can better tell your talent level and put you on the road to success. Don't give up on your dreams!

Find me training programmes for boxing?

maybe a little too late what about a boxing coach? they usually train boxers much younger dont they?

"Dream Bout" - Gerry Cooney vs wlad klitschko - 15 rds Who wins?

yes. watch out for the embarrassment factor. i did kickboxing for 9 years, gave up for 2, started back after xmas and had the s**t kicked out of me by a snot nosed 16 year old. I'm 32 and now play darts!!

Greatest Pressure Fighters?

if and that's a big IF you have been in the fight game and have trained for some time and you know the how to of boxing but if you just think it would be a thing to try then NO absolutely not

Where can I see the De La Hoya - Mayweather fight in central New Jersey.?

It all depends on talent and if you're good enough then go for it!

Mosley vs. Floyd Mayweather?

not realy it depends on how strong you are and if you want to play it no one is going to bose you around even if the limet was 18 you stell can play !!!

Where can i watch the ricky hatton fight on the internet?

id say if you have a decent amatuer background and are still active in the ring give it a go, dont expect to be conqeuring the world though, but you could make a great living as a journey man, check out the records of the legends that are peter buckley and julius francis, they get paid to give up and coming fighters good tests and are vital to the sport.

two legends who have been in and tested some very good names.

Who is currently the best heavyweight fighting?

you have no chance UNLESS you have armature experience. Your career is over at 35 unless you are the best of the best. If you are starting from scratch, you will be humbled in the gym.

In the movie Rocky Balboa does mason dixon and Rocky really hit eachother in the movie because it looked real?

I would say yes because most boxers peak in their mid to late 20's but it also depends on how far you want to take it. Are you planning to fight for a title one day? Do you want to do it just to make a little cash? How serious are you about it? One of my boys boxed and turned pro when he was 27 but basically fought on the lower level of the sport, fighting in small venues and high school gyms and places like that and making very little money. He felt that since he started so late that and having so much to learn that he wouldn't make it fighting on a higher, championship type level. Plus i think your skills and reflexes start to slide a little when you hit your 30's. There are exceptions though like Bernard Hopkins who still can fight at 41. So anything is possible.

What is the address for the stanley mathews trust?

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Floyd Mayweather Vs. Antonio Margarito?


Michael spinks vs. evander holyfield- light heavyweight world title fight. who wins & how it unfolds?

yes dont even go there

Guys - what do you think of when chix wear fashion ties and top hats?

If your good enough, your young enough

I have a bet going, he sais that de la hoya fought Trinidad 2 Times i said 1 who is right?

YES 30 is the age most boxers are thinking
about quiting - the youngsters out there would
eat you up - unless you are very damn good.
at 30 you start to slow down - don't do it.

Can we all realize now that delahoya is a fraud?

Do you realize how painful it is? I'm only 22 and I have only 5 amateur Muay Thai fight and I will be having my first boxing match this Saturday.

I've seriously sat down and ask myself "do I really want to quit? Should I quit?" more than couple time due to inuries I got over year. My right foot is having lot of problem along with my right knee and left shoulder. Sometime I wake up and walk with a limp for two or three days. That was only from amateur fighting. So I'm sure as a professional fighter it will be way worse.

So you have to be realistic about it. You have to ask yourself "can I handle all of that? Along with all stresses and pressure?" It may seem easy to say yes but once it hit you, you will start to think twice. Also you will have to sacrifice so much things such as date, friends, night out with guys, and many other things.

It's NOT a easy life and it's not as glamour as medias make it look. Only time I really have fun is in the ring and if the fight go well, afterward. After that, it's basically all pride and nothing else. No one will care anymore until your next fight.

Also you will probably lose lot more moneys in this sport than you gain.

So you have to really think this through and ask yourself every possible questions and be realistic about it.

However I know my boxing coach doesn't take new comer over 27 as a fighter seriously.

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