Who are better mexican or black fighters..?

it seems like the mexicans are always coming out with wins vs.black fighters.and always have about half the pound for pound fighters in there ratings...why dont like philipino or white or puerto rican fighters come close to beating black fighters? i know the black pleople wont admit to it but reocrds dont lie.why do mexican fighters have good records against black fighters?


Where can I watch the Oscar De La Hoya fight in Midland Texas?

mexican fighters will always be better Thats why Oscar de la hoya Is going to beat the * out of Maywheater

What fighter was hailed as "King of the Stockyards"?

because they use razors

Was eamon andrews really a boxer?

This is a ridiculous question.You have good fighters and so so fighters.Race is not a factor period!

Desmond Gwilliam ?

Shorter bones have better leverage and therefore can move faster and develop more power than longer bones.

The answer is not about race, but about basic physics, height and bone length. It is true that some races tend to have shorter people than other races. However people of the same height and bone length, but from different races will have similar chances.

Randy Turpin vs. Marvin Hagler who wins?

Ethnicity doesn't matter. Geez. It's the individual fighter's abilities. It's not always the weight either. One guy could be 150 and kick a 250 pound man's butt. It's all in their training and strength and ability.

Ethinic Brawl?

silly question. they're both great.

Is there a bar that will be broadcasting the May 5 HBO DeLaHoya VS Mayweather fight in Portland?

There are great Mexican fighters and there are great black fighters. I don't know what their head to head records are but if you look at the history of boxing's all time greats Julio Cesar Chavez would be my top Mexican fighter, Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Henry Armstrong would be the top black fighters.. Roberto Duran was from Panama. Harry Greb and Willie Pep were white. I don't think it matters where you are from. It matters how good you are first.

Is Floyd mayweather ignorant?

Because Mexicans are true warriors in the ring. A lot of fighters, including Black fighters get intimidated to step into the ring with them. They fear no one. Julio Ceasar Chavez is the greatest of all time, pound for pound, hands down, not Ali. Although Ali was great he was no where near Chavez.

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