How to avoid blisters on my hands from the handlebars of my bike?

ive been practicing bunny hops and my thumbs have major blisters on them. what should i do to avoid them?


I am looking for a used triathlon bike 56cm. Does anyone know an outlet for used tri bikes?

Get some gloves. I have some bell gloves, with the short fingers. There awesome. They prevent blisters, and keep you from losing grip if your hands get sweaty when you ride.

Where can i find insurance for hosting mountain bike races or for offering bicycle tours?

Wear gloves

When riding BMX bikes, can you grind with front pegs?

Hmmm. Try gloves

Bike experts, what's a good bike for a beginning rider? I want to ride around in a flat street but eventually

um call me crazy but GLOVES.

Is there a place in Dallas where they teach adults how to ride a bicycle?

I think sports equipment stores sell some sort of gloves you can wear.

Which bike would you recommend?


Any ideas on how to clean and disinfect a Cameback Hydration Pack without buying the kit from the store?

stop riding the bike

What are the pros and cons of a springer front end compared to a regular hydraulic shock set up.?

before you ride, put masking tape on all of your fingers, my friend plays the bass (very, very large stringed instrument) and its very easy to get blisters, the teacher (20+ years on bass) (bass pronounced base) tells her students to tape their fingers,

What is the biggest tyre i can get throw my forks on my bike my forks are rock shock dart one 2006 model with?

Wear gloves, learn to ride with no hands, or forget biking altogether.

Any good tips on doing a manual on a brakeless bmx?

Try wearing gloves. Most bike shops sell them.

Can't find a bike rack to fit my bikes?

ok obviously gloves is the best answer..but you know what?
the blisters will eventually form into calasas which is basically just toughened skin. and you'll have manly looking hands that won't need gloves anymore and the chicks will dig it.

or you can possibly try a more forgiving grip? i dunno

How muck is a second hand kona scrap worth ?

wear gloves

Should I not get bikes out of the catalog? Should I just get it from the store, i dont know what size i ride?

You need to wear bike gloves.It will make a big difference.

Best strategy to shift gears on a mountain bike?

dont rub back and forth

How can i get a bicycle made into a one peddled bike that is easy to rotate with one leg in the uk?

Yup...that would be gloves. Many stores sell gloves just for bicycling. A little more padded on the heel of the hand as that's where the most pressure is.

Keep moving!

How to sand and paint your own bike frame?

wear full finger gel padded gloves.

What kind of bike should I buy that is under 300 that I can take off road down trails, do I need shocks.?

Just wear gloves like the pros do on the TV

Beginner bicycle question. Help!?

Hey Balla,

-Try on a pair of full fingered Motocross Motorcycle gloves. These gloves have more padding between the thumb and index than regular bicycle gloves. Some MX gloves like FOX are the same for mountain biking and MX, so check the gloves padding to make sure it is right for you. Or you can also use Downhill Bike gloves which offer more padding and have armor on the knuckle areas of the gloves.

-Or are you doing something else that is causing the blisters other than bike riding? Hummmmm?

Cycling in Rome?

The obvious answer is to wear gloves...however a not so obvious answer is to get beefier grips that have a wider grip. also look into getting gel grips.

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