Does riding a bike make ur butt bigger?

firmer? plumper? wht!? Plez and thankyou! :D


What kind of bicycle should I get?

No your gluteous maximus muscles will become toned and you will lose the fat cells making a much nicer looking butt. Remember muscle weighs more than fat but it also burns more calories and you will be able to eat more and have a nicer shape.

How good is my bike?

No it should burn the fat off.

Pereiro and Landis tested positive but Armstrong didn't. Why is that?

How did ya work that one out :-) Firmer yes.

Who makes the brightest LED bicycle tail light?

No! You didnt think exercise bikes are there to make ur butt bigger did you?

I need a new bike wheel for the front?

firmer and smaller. but then again, who cares about my butt?

Why do the French hate Lance Armstrong?

nope, actually it might shrink as you burn off fat. one thing to look for: while riding ur bike, u'll lose weight everywhere else too. maybe that'll make it more noticable

How many kilometers must a team run to complete an ultra marathon?

It makes your butt HUGE!

How can I tell what year Stumpjumper I have?

If that were the case, my butt should BE HUGE!

Wat r chain tensioners for >?

You could make your butt bigger by going on a high protein diet and doing a lot of half hour high load, high intensity sessions. Not only will it be bigger you will be able to crack walnuts on it.

Of course if you just want to tone up. Stay with high repetition and light loads.

Either way, cycling is a great way to show off a great butt.

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