Why does my new bicycle chain skip when I pedal to hard?

I had a new bicycle chain put on a month ago and it skips when I am in th ehard gears.


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If the chain skips the teeth on the gears, then go back to the shop where you had the work done. Tell them to fire the orangutan working in the back, fix the chain length, and give you a water bottle or something for your troubles. Make sure that the teeth on the gears have not been worn down because of their incompetence. They should have done a test ride before returning it to you.

If the chain skips from one gear to the other when you pedal hard, then check the alignment of the derailleurs. You may need to adjust the cable tension on that derailleur.

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is it loose,

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It's loose or the sprocket is not a good one. You need one with good teeth.

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needs oiling or lubing !

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It usually means that the chain is slightly longer than what is needed. Take it back to the shop, tell them what is happening, and ask them to remove a link, possibly two.

that will solve it

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i think ur cycle chain is loose

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either the chain is to long, one link to many, or the tension arm is to weak which is causing the chain to slip.

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Tighten chain by loosening back wheel and pulling it back slightly.

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Pay attention to the tension. Get a wrench, move the rear wheel back, so the chain is tight and get rolling again.

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The drive sprocket and the wheel sprocket is out of aliment,use a string for adjusting the alignment,starting from the pedal sprocket and pull straight to the wheel sprocket and loosen the lock nuts to check for straight alignment and then tightened

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The most likely reason is that you have worn out your cassette or freewheel. When you put a new chain on this is usually indicated by your chain trying to skip when you're in the smaller cogs (or higher gears).

You can get a replacement cassette, or if just a couple of gears are worn, you can get replacement cogs.

Next time, change your chain sooner. The center-to-center distance for 24 links will be 12 inches on a 1/2 inch pitch chain. When this distance is 1/8" or more longer for 24 links, change the chain. It will save you money on the cassette.

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It is not uncommon for a new chain to skip on old gears. This is because the chain stretches when it is new then stabilises. During its life therefore, it will be wearing the gear teeth in accordance with its 'stretched' length.

When you fit a new 'unstretched' chain, the relationship between chain and old, worn teeth is no longer ideal.

As your new chain wears in the skipping may reduce.

Having said all the foregoing, if your chain is skipping severely, then I agree with other contributors, that you should go back to the bike shop and ask them to check it out.

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It's because your cassette is also worn (the block of gears attached to your rear wheel). A brand new cassette and chain will wear themselves down together, when you introduce a new chain it will skip when you push hard as the teeth on the cassette are worn. This doesnt matter on an old chain as the chain is worn in the same amount. To remidy this you will need a new cassette. Next time replace your chain sooner, you can normally get 2 or 3 chains per cassette if you change them regular enough.

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How long was the previous chain on, and was it worn when you took it off?

If the chain was worn then it may have caused the sprockets to wear more quickly than would be expected. Your new chain which has the correct link pitch will then not fit as well as the worn one. The only solution to this is a new set of sprockets, sorry.

To avoid this happening again you need to check the chain for wear at regular intevals and replace it BEFORE it gets a chance to damage the sprockets. I have heard of some people who have 3 chains and put each of them on the bike for a while in rotation. When each chain is taken off, it is cleaned and then stored in oil to ensure each link is lubed. The chains then tend to wear at the same rate as the sprockets.

This may be a bit over the top, but good results are claimed.

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