What is the average time it takes to ride a bike 10 miles?

I want to know if I ride a bike to the same destination everyday how long will it take me average


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There are alot of variables involved, wind, road conditions, temperature your positioning on the bike ( upright or Aero ) and so on.
Speeds of 13.3 will produce a 45 min ride, @15mph = 40min, @17.1 = 35 and @ 20mph = 30 min. Please keep in mind these are average speeds calculated from highs and low speeds and time of a bike ride. Yours can vary depending on your conditioning.

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one and half hour

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Uphill? Downhill? Traffic? You need to add those parameters. Are you doing it for leisure? To lose weight? It can take an hour. It can take more. It can take less.

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40 minutes

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Try it. You will get faster over time.

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How fast are you going. It would take me about 35mins.

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It depends on your average speed. If you're traveling as fast as 20MPH, then you divide 10 miles by 20 MPH then you will get the Time it will take you to travel that distance. Keep a record of your Elapsed Time everytime you get to your destination and sum it up divided by the number of times you travel, this, you will get your actual average.

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If I were making a 10 mile bike commute, I would factor in 1 hour for the ride, locking up my bike, and changing my clothes. The ride itself will take less than an hour, if it's relatively flat, on pretty much any K-Mart bike. A nicer bike will make the ride faster, a hilly ride could make it slower.

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My Mobike takes 20 Minutes to reach a destination 10 miles if I drive at a speed of 60 Miles/Hour

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I think your average person can keep fifteen mph, factor in the lights and all it should take 45-50 minutes.
Why don't you just try it on your day off?

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Give yourself an hour and a half the first time you do it. The next time should take you a little less time. If you haven't been on a bike for awhile it's gonna hurt. If you have been on a bike lately you should be able to judge your speed by now. Be careful on the streets. I'm out there too.

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I go a 10 mile route, and it takes me about 40 minutes everyday, and it is a lot of up hill most of the way, so if you dont have any up hills, but there are traffic lights, I would say it should take you about 30 minutes, unless you are not an avid biker, and this is your first time really biking then it may take you a bit longer.

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depends on skill level and course, for me with no climbing 35 min.

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It really depends on where you are riding. I have done 10 mile rides on my BMX bike and done them in around 20-30 minutes. I was riding pretty hard. At an average pace 45min is pretty good. That is with no traffic and a couple of hills.

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In the best case, perhaps 40 minutes. In the worst case about 90 minutes.

Stoplights can be a real momentum buster on a bike ride. If you hit stop lights every quarter mile, you may never get to a good cruising speed. If you get a couple mile stretch without lights then you may really get up to speed.

Also the length of time to wait at stop lights and the sensitivity of the lights can be a factor. If the traffic is really light and the traffic lights are on poorly tuned 'loop detectors', you may be stuck through a light cycle just waiting for another car to show up just to get the green light.

Another factor is your preferred speed. You could probably cruise at 10 miles per hour without breaking a sweat. This would take about an hour if you hit all green lights. However, you will spend a decent amount of time stopped at red lights, as well as accelerating and decelerating.

15 mph is a moderate pace that would give a good workout. 20 mph would be more intense and probably could not be maintained for the whole ride without a decent amount of training.

Traffic can also play a factor. Biking on roads with fast moving traffic, a well placed bike lane, and no intersections can be much faster than biking on a low-traffic residential street with many intersections.

Prevailing winds and hill direction will also have an impact.

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it really depends on your skill and muscle. if i pushed myself i could do 10mile in about 35mins- but i live around alot of hills too. dont forget to take wind into account. going with the wind in easier and you'll go a bit faster. going against it will wear you out faster. but for the average rider, i would estimate between an hour and 1.5 hours. have fun. do it often and youll start to lower the time

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It should take no less than 1.5 hrs. A well-conditioned cyclist can do it in about 40 mins or less. try it out and you will know, cos u need to factor in traffic, slopes, weather conditions, etc.

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i have a bmx bike and it takes me 45 minutes to ride 4 miles.
but it is also 2 miles uphill and 2 miles downhill.

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