What is the best hybrid bike for a petite women 5'2? Anyone who rides let me know!?


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A petite woman needs a very lightweight bike because performance is a percentage of body weight.
So, you might want to look at the road-ish hybrids like Schwinn Super Sport, and Specialized Sirrus.

There's also an entire class of road-bikes-with-flat-bars that are especially light weight. Sometimes, these are called "fitness" bikes. A woman's specific design, WSD, will have far more comfort because it always has a shorter reach for the handlebars.

So, I'd get a road-ish hybrid or road-bike-with-flat-bars in a Womans Specific Design (for more comfort).

Combine this with Panaracer T-Serv tires in the size of 28mm by 700c. These tires are flat-free, very quick, have a cushy ride, and lots of traction. That way, the road bike designs above can have the cushy ride of the hybrid, but at a very fast speed. These tires are also light weight, and that's vital for a lightweight person.

Lastly, if one is not short on cash, I'd also make the wheels proportional. A petite woman does not need the support of wheels designed for a 200 pound man, nor does she need to push such a weight around for no reason. Rol Race at rolwheelworks.com and Neuvation R28 SL2 at neuvationcycling.com are both famous for super-light, yet strong, wheels that make uphills far easier. However, if you added the price of one of these wheelsets to the purchase price of the bike, it might already come with lighter, finer wheels and a host of other goodies, so do compare.

Specifically, a "comfort road" bicycle for a person of your height should naturally come with size 650 wheels, and those are always fine.

Well, if you are short on cash, a smallish size Diamondback Wildwood Deluxe can be outfitted with super-light and flat-free Panaracer T-Serv 26" x 1.25" tires (plus the specialty 1" performance inner tubes), all for a very low total price tag. Those bikes are very nice, and surprisingly quick. That bike is a "mountain hybrid" which is a bit slower up hills than a "road hybrid" style bike. Even so, its performance is remarkable. I'd change it up a bit with a lightweight standard stem (90mm or so), a lightweight standard seatpost (economy road bike seatpost) and a Sugino XD600 crankset (100% super-strong alloy)--all very reasonably priced, to drop the weight quite a bit.

With the lighter tires, stem, seatpost, and crankset, this would remove 1/6th of the bike's weight and bring it to the desired performance level for a person of your size.
And, it is, indeed, available in your size.
Wildwood Deluxe is the lightest of the "mountain hybrid" class bike and quite a bit less price than the "road hybrid" class, even with the few modifications for very high performance (greater enjoyment).
If a Diamondback dealer cannot be located in your area, the parent company is Raleigh.

As far as the sizing goes, try to get one small enough that you're "on top of the bike" and not stretched between handlebars and seat. This is usually accomplished by choosing one size smaller than indicated by traditional "standover height" fitting schemes, or by choosing a Women Specific Design, WSD, that always puts the rider into a comfortable "on top of the bike" riding position.

Have fun, and report to the local bike stores for some test drives. Those are fun!

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Most bang for the buck would probably be the Giant Cypress. They come in a 13" frame for smaller riders and do come in a ladies model. There are a few version of the Cypress, base model (aluminum frame) running about $320. The other models feature different upgrades in terms of fork, shifters & derailleurs. All use the same frame, just different components.

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I do not know about brands and such but I suggest you go to your local bike shop because they can fit you right there and find the best ride for you.

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