How many minutes should it take me to bike about 1.5 miles?

My car broke down this morning, and I have to go pick up my daughter and I don't feel like walking both ways! I don't want to leave too early 'cause it's COLD out and I don't want to stand around outside! It's not a great neighborhood and I don't want her to walk home by herself! We just moved here and my neighbors, who are the only people I know, aren't home to ask for a ride..GRRRRR Keep your fingers crossed for me that they come home soon!!!!!


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It shouldn't take longer than about 15 minutes at a rather slow pace.

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7-10 minutes depending on how fast you go. this would not be that fast if you are used to riding.

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It's only a Mile and a half The walk will be great for both of you

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i sat it would be 45 minutes

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it depends upon what type of bike you are riding (ie. mountain, road, beach cruiser, etc.) and how strong you are...

I ride average speed of 20 mph on my road bike, so 1 mile is around 3 minutes
I ride average speed of 14 mph on my mountain bike (on pavement), so 1 mile is around 4 minutes

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"Keep your fingers crossed for me ..."

It would be better to say a prayer. But, after all, the car broke down "in the morning" so you had all day in order to do something about it; like call the school and ask for help.

Depending on your bicycle is a bad idea. It would be better to get a head start, walking. 1 mile each way to our elementary school: I've seen a nice example of a brother and sister walking home together lately. Be prepared for these things! Believe it when I tell you that a walk of that length will warm you up! I think that a walk may take 1/2 hour or so. One way of improving a neighborhood, is walking in it. Walk around the block in the evenings. Become a familiar face.

A bike ride may be chillier, besides that your bike will probably need air in the tires, if your car is any indication of maintenance.

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