Is it illegal to ride a bike without a helmet?

just wondering


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It depends on where in the world you are. Some countries you don't even need a helmet to ride a motorcycle. Generally the laws only apply when on the road or cycleway.

For anyone that values their lives wear a helmet. A relatively small bump to the head can cause serious brain damage and/or death.

There are some people in the world that should be encouraged not too. (my opinion)

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It depends on where you are, laws vary by city on bicycle helmts, and by state on motorcycles.

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No, but you should wear one anyway for safty measures.

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In California it depends on age. Kids are supposed to wear a helmet, or the parents can get a $20 fine. I'm a roadie, and I don't ride with-out one.
PS. What kind of person would give me a thumbs down for this? Get a life !

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I believe kids up to age 14 are required to wear one. Anyone older is an option as it should be. I always wear one and I think everyone should, but I don't need the government telling me I have to.

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nope..all these people say wear your helmet


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Many jurisdictions in North America have legislation aimed at minority aged youth. In Alberta, Canada, youth under 16 are required. I have cycled for 30 years and have worn a helmet for the last 23 - had an accident where I sunk my front wheel into a mud hole that catapulted me over the handle-bars with my feet strapped into old-school toe clips. The bike was sucked out of the mud by my feet and I had the rear axle nut strike me just above the temple. I bought my first helmet later that day. It may not be illegal for you to ride without one, but it may also save your life...

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In New York State, kids age 14 & under are required to wear helmets. Violations are $50.00 But if it's legal or not, it's a good idea to wear one.

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Usually not, it's just not very smart not to wear a helmet.

I've ridden road and mountain bikes in all weather and on terrain that most people wouldn't walk down. I've gone freeway speeds on my road bike and sideswiped cactus on a mountain bike trail.

The last helmet I destroyed? I was simply playing around in the neighborhood when my front wheel washed out on something, slamming my temple into the asphalt so fast I didn't even let go of the handlebars.

I got a concussion and some road rash, and the helmet was crushed on one side and had a crack running all the way around to the other side.

You don't have to be good, fast or have an expensive bike to need a helmet. People are squishy creatures that need helmets, so no whining if you crack your head open because you weren't wearing one.

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Usually no, but it should be. A helmet is the single most effective piece of safety gear a cyclist can have.

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people have been fined £30 for not waring one when they have one with them but it's not too common

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no i ride with out one but i live in maine and it depends on where you live go to your local ploice station and ask them you migth beable to get some better info from them

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