What is better 24 inch or 26 inch bike?

I will be using it for a lesisure stroll and sometime a mountain ride or two.


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First, if you are going to ride on trails do NOT go to a department store for a bike. They may LOOK like mountain bikes or whatever but are for occasional on road use only. There is usually a sticker on the bike that says this or it states it in the owners manual.

Vanity is correct. 24" and 26" refer to the wheel size, not the bike size.

Within each wheel size there are frame sizes. For example, a 26" wheeled bike might have 5 different frame sizes to fit people from 4'11" to 6'5". The only way to determine this is to visit a shop and have it fitted, just like a pair of pants.

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Teenagers and adults typically use a 26 inch as it's more stable and has more load bearing capacity.

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It really depends on you. If you are somewhat short, a 24 inch might be better, otherwise, go for the 26.

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okay neither answer is correct.

the 24 inch and 26 inch bike that you have refered to is the wheel size. one wheel is 24 and the other is 26 inches. that's how department stores sell bikes with a standard frame and wheel size.

but in bike shops if you said you wanted a 26 inch size bike, it would be for someone that's over 6'5. because traditionally the bike is measure from the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube. depending on your height, you can ride a bike as small as a 13 inch frame to as large as a 24. if you're 5'8 the standard size is 18, if you're 5'11 a 19.5 and so forth.

but if you go with a bike from a department store go with the 26 inch wheel. becuse the 24 inch wheel will be too small (those bikes are mainly for younger teens and really short people.the larger wheel will allow you to get to point a to point b faster, and probably be more suited for your height...and you'll get a better extension leg wise and upper body wise.

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If your talking wheel size go the 26" unless your looking at a folding bike. The 26's are far more common, spares are much easier to come by.

The best place to buy a bike is your local bike shop. Get fitted up. You will enjoy the bike a lot more and you won't have the quality issues.

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Assuming you mean 24" or 26" wheels, not the frame size, it all depends on your height. You'd be better off going to your local bike shop and get properly fitted for the bike that's right for you. Stay away from department store bikes, they are junk.

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if you are less than 5'8'',I would go with the 24in,and just adjust the saddle(seat) height to where your leg is comfortably stretched out when the pedal is on tho lower position

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