Should I join my high school football team?

I dont know if i should join im 5'11 160 lbs and a fast runner and strong I've never played high school football and not sure if its to late to bother trying im a freshmen right now and do they teach you how to play during the summer when theres practice?


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You would be a good running back or fullback, they shoud teach you how to play in the summer. Its not that hard.

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i dunno, wow i'm soo helpful! Lol sorry

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thats pretty big for a freshman. i think you would tear it up. go for it!

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Shane, Phil Connors here. Hey, if you want to join the "jerk club" go ahead and play high school football. Enter into the wonderful world of high school politics and be amazed. If you're strong, you'll get a lot of practice time on the field as they run the starters at you. Play soccer. It's healthier and you have the right build for and you're fast. It's a no brainer. Good luck either way kid. Phil Connors.

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hell yea go 4 it im a freshman n i play girls soccer ...u meet more friends n get popular lmao :) n yea dats wat practice is get better n they deff do help.if they dnt ur coach is a b* lol hoped this helps

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You should definitely play. Where I went to school they had summer workouts for the football players, not really teaching any football - mostly weight training. But the coaches were all there and they were always open to questions. If your school has something like this, I would recommend going. If it turns out you don't want to play, no harm done.

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This is a great opportunity for you! Take it! I'm sure that they will put you through your paces during the Summer. Go and have a talk with the coach.I'm sue that he will be straight with you and give you his best advice. You would make a great fullback. Good Luck.

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Go ahead and try out. Believe me, if you have the running ability the coaches will teach you everything you need to know. It is good to become part of a team and if you don't make the football squad, then try something else out. Join something to be a part of a group and to make friends, you are only going to high school one time and many of the friends you make may become friends for life.

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I really think you should. I really regret not starting early enough though. But go out for the team man. You will have so many different experiences. I know i enjoyed my days though they are not yet over with. Oh and hey thats why the coaches are there for they will help you out. Dont hesitate though. Please dont. If u do then you will be missing out. I sure do hope you have went out for it. If so I am sure you are having loads of fun with it good luck!

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Only if you are serious about it.If you don't know then you shouldn't.It's not a video game ,you have to be fit and have determination.

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It depends on why you are wanting to play. If it's just to be a jock you might reconsider. It's a good sport because the teams are large and a lot of kids can play. Also you will always learn from a team sport. sons all have injuries they incurred in football that will plague them all of their adult life.
If you really want to play, have the least bit of talent and work hard there is no reason why you can't be successful. Your coaches will put you where they feel you have the most potential, talk to them about being behind or not. (Just know most players at your level have been playing awhile and have all the skills down. You might look for a summer camp to attend) Good Luck!

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You learn a lot from summer practice. It is never to late to play football. It is the time of your life. You get to smack people around for a couple hours. What isnĀ“t fun about that? But I would pick a position I would get to play at not one that I like best. The whole reason to join is to play so good luck.

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go for it i joined football and my first day coach considered putting me on starting d line until the other starting d linemen were b*tching about how i missed the first (and most important) 3 weeks of practice (it was cuz of my wisdom tooth) ur about my size go for receiver i was pretty small for lineman but hell i got the job done

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Only play football if you are passionate about it. Most freshman teams aren't that good and its a great learning experience, if you love football play, if you think it could be fun I would pass.

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Most highschools teach during their spring practices and summer and fall camps. should you try absolutly never be afraid to try out cause if you dont make it you dont make it...If you do play i recommend trying out for a LB, saftey, or running back position based on your size and well non expeirence.

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