Do you feel pain if you get shot in the head?

Do you feel pain if you shoot yourself in the head through your mouth or do you die instantly without pain? I want to know because my dad shot himself like this and i want to know if he was in pain.


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I'm really sorry to hear about your dad.

I think the pain he felt in his heart and soul were far worse than the pain of the bullet.

Theoretically, the bullet kills you before the pain receptors register the pain.

Beyond hoping that i answered your question; I hope you find a way to forgive your dad and move on with the living you have left to enjoy.

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im not positive on this, but i think you feel an incredible amount of pain for less then a split second, but then you die

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i don't know. cauz everyone i've heard of doing that never got to tell the story

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Yes you feel pain but depending on whether or not you live or not, this controls how much pain you feel. Yes alot of people do survive from attempting to do this and they are severly handicapped the rest of their lives. Also you do not have any pain receptors in your brain. So even if you are alive and conscious someone could theoretically just cut away at your brain and you wouldnt feel a thing.

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I've heard of people shooting straight through the back of their head and living through it so I would think that would be pretty painful if you didn't do it right the first time.

Since your dad died from it I would say it was instantaneous so probably no pain, not even for a second. The body goes numb when you suffer from severe trauma and goes into shock almost instantly.

When I was in Iraq I saw people get shot that had no idea what happened and just passed out. The superficial wounds are the ones that hurt, A lot of deep wounds completely bypass the nervous system and are never felt

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Your dad must have had alot of pain already in his life if he felt that he had to commit suicide and that it was the only way out. Sorry to hear about that.

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It depends on whether or not he died instantly. Im sorry to hear this and I feel your pain, though. If the death was instant, there would be a fraction of a split second of pain until the death, so the pain might not have been felt even though it was there. If he shot himself in the head, didn't die instantly, fell to the ground, and died minutes later, you have torn skin, bones, skull, and pierced tissue in your brain while you're lying there speechless, paralyzed and shocked. I know this may sound wrong, but you should hope that he died instantly. Hang in there...

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no i read that the time it takes for pain to reach tour brain its alrdy gone lol

ps sry bout yur dad X_X

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