What football number should I wear?

Question:For freshman year, I wore 80(for jerry rice) and 25 on the practice field. However, #5 just became avaible to me and I can not decide.
I'm stuck with #5 or #25. I'm leaning towards 5 though.

(I play running back and strong safety)


Do the Patriots now have the WR depth they are looking for or will they still be drafting a WR in round 1?

Well the kids on my team that play both ways all have single digit numbers (spare the qb) so I say go with 5

Who is the best player by every position in college football this year?

i think u should go with 5

Will the lions have a poweful ofensive?


Will oregon ducks do good this year in football?

pick 666 or else

Why is it a struggle for Lovie Smith to get a cantract ext when Ive seen 7 yr $50mil lineman cantracts?

I feel that for a running back/safety 25's the way 2 go. besides the fact that 25 is better safety number, you won't have the same problem that Reggie had if u go pro and wanna keep your number.

What are the chances of you being in the nfl?

#25, reegie bush wears that number.

Who do you think will be this year's Matt Leinart or Aaron Rogers?

Go with 5 for classic Reggie Bush since that's the number he used when he played for USC and since you're a running back and strong safety I think it would be a good number.

How many picks are an nfl team allowed to trade away each year?

personally i would say #5(it is my favorite number)

How do you make a text-book over the shoulder catch in football?

i say 25, that was my sons number varsity football, he was a running back also! good luck whatever # you choose

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go with #5 for reggie bush.

Im confused.. i no wat the nfl is but wats the afl?

none bush wore both wear 26

Phillip Rivers overrated?

id go with 25. i think double digit numbers look better than single digits.

Since Peyton Manning won a superbowl, would you consider him better than Tom Brady overall?

Go with number 5,it's lucky

Do you think larry johnson will stay with the chiefs?

go with 5 so ur not like all the other people that wear 25 just for reggie

Why is devin hester so fast?

reg bush plays with 25... and you can tell people thats how many tds youll get

Do you think the bears new combination of cedric benson and garrett wolfe will be efficient this season?

If u are a running back and strong safety u should go with 25.
it's closer to 26 and in the pros players at your position usually wear numbers in the 20s.

What are the chances of the atlanta falcons going to the superbowl in the up coming season?

Here is a bit of advicechoose a number ans stick with it because if you have a better junior year than senior one and you don't change your number you can send the tape from your junior year to colleges.

Will Reggie Bush eventually be better than LaDainian Tomlinson?

Go with the #25.

Who is the best drafting team in the NFL today?


How many return touchdowns will Hester have coming up this year? and will he break his record?

Hmmmm...#5 is a good nuber, but I would say #25 is better, it fits both Safety and Running Back perfectly.

Super bowl 2007?

pick 21 ,e.smith,b.sanders-you'll in joy that number on the back of jersey,t.Barber...

How will the AFC stack up this year?

13 , i played free safety and i was 23.

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