What is a possession receiver in football?


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Generically it is a wide receiver who can make a critical catch, usually on third down. The WR would be in a position to make the catch, and hang on to the ball for perhaps a key third down conversion.

This differs from a receiver utlized in a way to gain YAC, yards after catch. A guy streaking downfield, or running patterns in the open field is not a possession receiver, persay.

In short, it's a guy you toss to maintain possession and move the chains.

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That's a bigger guy who's a little bit slow, but still wants to have a special name.

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A WR who has great hands and can make plays after he gets the ball, when he has possession

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A receiver with good hands,...a receiver used by the QB when slowly moving down the field in a substained drive..or a receiver the QB can count on to make a clutch catch on a late down situation

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A receiver (or sometimes a back or tight end) whose specialty is running short (8-10 yard) routes. They are called "possession receivers" because their game is basically catching passes to make first downs and keep possession of the ball, as opposed to downfield receivers, who are known more for catching long bombs and scoring touchdowns.

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a guy who doesnt get the big plays but gets the first down AKA, Keyshaun Johnson, Amani Toomer

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A wide receiver that runs out and just tries to get a few yards instead of deep threats. A good example of a possession wide receiver is Keyshawn Johnson. Dwayne Jarrett is also one.

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I receiver who usually isn't too fast but is reliable. Usually they'll pick up short yards on third downs, so the offense keeps "possession" of the ball.

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The guy who usually gets less money than the down-the-field speed burning flash.

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that is a wide receiver who doesnt have the speed to be a burner downfield but is mostly be use for moving the chains on the short down situations. that will also have a big body and that is mostly sure handed and will break tackles with his power and size over the cornerback and safeties and some linebackers ( if they are a cover 2 type of defense) instead of running by them with speed or juking them out of their shoes.

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Well of course everyone knows that a possesion receiver is a receiver possesed by the devil

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a receiver who runs good routes and has good hands, but is too slow to go deep or make any big plays

usually identified by low yards per catch and few TD's

ie Keyshawn Johnson

Who won the superbpowl in 1991?

Keyshawn Johnson. Eric Moulds. Slow guys.

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receiver without breakaway speed who has good hands and catches a lot of passes that result in a first down...troy brown of NE is one.

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