What does the term "red shirt" mean in college sports?


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A "red shirt" indicates that a player is on the roster of a college team but is not eligible to play for that team. Typically, you see this is football were a freshmen will sit out a year to make the transition mentally and physically to college football from high school. The act of "redshirting" helps to maintain a player's eligibility. Thus, many graduating seniors play for four years but are in college for five years.

Additionally, if a player is seriously hurt early in the season, they can take a medical redshirt and essentially not have that season count toward the expiration of their college eligibility.

Generally, a player can only redshirt for up to two years.

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means the player sits out a yr but keeps his playing eligibility

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the player not wanting to waste a year of playing in college but is still on the team and practicing, because in college sports you can only play 4 years unless you use a redshirt year..

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A redshirt athlete is someone who was held from competition for a year, but did not lose a year of eligibility. During his redshirt year, an athlete can practice with the team but not compete in games. A coach may want to redshirt an athlete if he determines he won't be playing much that year but will be valuable later with a little seasoning. Or, you can get a medical redshirt ... in other words, if you get hurt before the season (or early in the season), a coach can redshirt you, so you'll sit out a year, but you won't lose a year of eligibility. Also, you can be redshirted in any year, but generally you can be redshirted only once (unless extreme medical circumstances apply).

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"red shirt" means that a player is going to sit out during the season, not playing in any games...but still practicing with the team to get better and stronger. A lot of schools do this because a lot of colleges systems are so complex, it takes awhile to learn them.

Another factor in why this is done is because sometimes players need to get stronger, or faster for their position, and it gives them an extra year to do so, without hurting their scholarship eligibility of playing for 4 years. Its almost a bonus year if you wanna call it that to get better.

Lastly a "red shirt" is done if there are players ahead of you on the team that are Jr.'s or Sr.'s on the team and if you were to come in as a freshmen and expect to play, you lose a year of playing time in that scenario, so teams will red shirt you so you can have that extra year to play.

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In college Sports..

Well, typically, a student-athlete has four years of eligibility in a given sport, to coincide with the standard four-year calendar for obtaining a bachelor's degree.

For various reasons, some student-athletes may opt to attend only classes and practices with the team; this process is known as redshirting. The student-athlete does not use one of his or her four years of eligibility in that season.

Using this mechanism, a student-athlete has up to five academic years to use the four years of eligibility.

This is done for various reasons... some of them could be..

1- to gain weight and size, skills before actually starting to play on the team.

2- For some people.. they might have not maturity.. as for their muscles to develop etc... so.. they redshirt..

3- They might have had an injury.. that causes them to sit out a season.

And the term "redshirt" is so called from the red jersey commonly worn by such a player in practice games and training...etc..

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they can practice with that team but cannot play in any games for that year, and it does not count as a year in ther career

you can only do it once, unless it is a medical red shirt

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Red shirt means that when a fresman Quarter back goes into college he can sit out the season but practice with the team if he knows that he wont start. the classic example was matt lienart who Red shirted his freshman year then played four years. in his fith year of college his only classes were football and ball room dancing. so youy can in a sense play in college for 1 more year after yor seinior year.

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means that the player sits out the year but still goes to classes & practices this year does not count against players who want to play in a game.

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