What does the San Francisco 49ers name mean?


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Back during the gold rush in California anyone who came to mine gold was called a Miner, or 49er. This is where the name 49er came from.

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the 49ers came to san fransico during the gold rush hence the SF 49ers

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gold rush

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The California Gold Rush started in 1849, there was a big rush of people wanting to get rich. They were called forty-niners.

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San Francisco nearly evaporated due to the citizens who left the city to mine and pan for gold in the foothills. Others left not to pan or mine gold, but to sell things to the miners at incredible prices. The merchants, farmers, cafe owners, even laundry workers were the real money makers during this time. The miners were nick-named 49ers, springing from the year 1849 which popularized this period. San Francisco survived of course as tens of thousands came from around the world, thru San Francisco to seek their fortune in California's gold fields.

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ya it has to do something about the GOLD RUSH in San Francesco and i think the name has to do something about the year to 1849.
here's alittle extra info checkout the source, go down to where it says THE 49ER'S

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49ers are gold miners

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It goes back all the way to the California Gold Rush. There was the huge thing where people panned for gold mostly around northern california in the area that is now San Francisco.Forty- Niners were the people who panned for gold. I guess the name stuck.

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everyone in the nation wanted to get rich when they heard the news in 1849 ,thus giving the name 49er to everyone headed west to SF . GOLD GOLD GOLD GO NINERS

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it refers to the 1849 california gold rush

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Gold rush

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