Has there ever been an african american kicker or punter in the NFL?

anyone no if there was?


Would you rather . . . . ?

Donald Igwebuike
Cedric Oglesby
Gene Mingo

Reggie Roby
Greg Coleman
Rodney Williams

All I can think of currently.

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his name was rodney williams

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yes there was

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Yes there has been, but i do not recall the name

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randall cunningham, he kick the ball onced i think

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Good question. I don't know if there has been in the NFL?

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Reggie Roby was African American and a punter for the Dolphins for many years, he was pretty good. Not sure about kickers though!

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If I remember right, Kordell Stewart played punter for the Ravens one game when their starting punter was injured.

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The most recent African-American player to punt in an NFL game was Kordell Stewart of the Baltimore Ravens in 2004. He was even named AFC special teams player of the week for week 10:

In a 20-17 overtime road victory for Baltimore against the New York Jets, reserve quarterback Kordell Stewart answered the call to handle punting duties in a battle of field position. Ravens punter Dave Zastudil left the game in the second quarter with a shoulder injury, leaving Stewart to fill the void. In his first punting effort since his days at John Ehret High School in New Orleans, the 10-year NFL veteran from Colorado punted five times for a 35.4 average, including two punts placed within the Jets 20-yard line. Stewart's final punt of the day came in overtime, when he blasted a 42-yarder which was downed on the Jets 9-yard line by starting linebacker and standout special-teamer Adalius Thomas. Baltimore's defense forced New York into a punt three plays later and the Ravens won the game on their ensuing possession, thanks to a 42-yard field goal by Matt Stover.

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Reggie Roby is the only one I remember who's position actually was to punt. It's kind of strange their hasn't been more.

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And one is coming out of college this year from UCLA.

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Reggie Roby is the only one I can name that was a regular punter...but I seem to have a fuzzy memory of having football card from the '70s of an African-American punter -- maybe with the Eagles? Anyone?

By the way, Roby may have been the largest full-time punter in the history of the NFL. At 6'4" and 250 lbs., he was certainly not the typical "last guy to beat" on a punt return.

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yes there was

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