What high school football position should i play?

Question:My football training camp is coming up in about 4 months and i need to know which position i should play. I used to play left tackle last year as a 10th grader and weighed 200 lbs. Now entering varsity i lost some weight. Im currently 165 lbs and 5'11. I dont know which position i should play. Running back , full back , or wing back. I'm really in a state of confusion and could use some help.


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With your stats I would try to play linebacker. Colleges are always looking for the next big linebacker. Defensive Ends and such are a dime a dozen, but a quality linebacker can be hard to get so I'd try for that.

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fullback or tight end

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they're H_O_T_T! girls luv em trust me!

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thats a toughy because i dont know enough about you but do you want to play offense or defense? offensive line? line backer ?

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Which position do you LIKE to play? That's the one you should play. HS football should be played because you enjoy it, not for any other reason.

At your size, unless you can outrun a sunbeam & catch everything in the air that doesn't sting, or put on 5 - 6 inches and 100 -150 pounds, you aren't going to wind up in the pro's or Division 1, no matter what position you choose (no problem there, virtually no one gets to the pros, 1400 people on EARTH play NFL football) so HAVE FUN.

Enjoy the game, the friends & the experience.

Football pressure?

Go for field goal kicker.


Several reasons:

1) They RARELY get hurt
2) Colleges are always looking for a decent kicker, because there are so few of them (A good kicker gets football scholarships at Florida State)
3) There are only like 5-6 really good, reliable kickers in the NFL. Start practicing now, get really good, you'll probably have a really good shot at the NFL, and kickers have the longest life of any NFL position. There are kickers who have been in the league for 20 years! If you don't make the NFL, you'd at least have a good shot at a college scholarship.

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i think you should be either a punter , a kicker, the guy who holds the ball for the kicker or the person that gives all the players gatorade.

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I actually think you'd be best at either wide reciever because of your height and ur weight matches that position as well, i'd also recomend cornerback because of once again ur height and weight.

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i would say that you should play wide reciever

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fullback/tightend/goal-line running back-offense
depends on how fast you run and if u can tackle in the open field well-safety/linebacker

Whos the best?

Just because you lost 35 pounds does not mean that you cant play tackle anymore. You still can. I weigh less than you and I am going to have to play guard it looks like next year...:( lineman blows...but linebacker is nice, anyways you can still play tackle.

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You still have 4 months before camp. See if you can get into a week long privately run football camp in the meanwhile. Many are run by retired pro players and can be surprisingly affordable. Let a pro evaluate your skills and potential, and commit to taking their advice. Your coaches may not have time to do the same for you once training starts, and if you pursue a position with the confidence of knowing that it's the one that you are most suited for, you will have more fun doing it.

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wat happened to all that weight? you need to gain it back thats not that big for any of those positions

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Tight End or FB, for sure. If you were a tackle then you understand the blocking schemes and blocking technique, since you lost weight you would be more affective at catching passes, now. Your tackle experience would help you block.

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You should be the full back thats a really good position.

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As a high school football coach, I'm going to offer you this advice..since you used to play tackle, I'm guessing you don't have running back speed unless you've been working at the speed and agility drills and have increased your speed. A good position for you may be full back, but that depends on your offense. You could also try out at MLB, but you have to be able to read and react quickly. What do you really want to play? Think about that aspect as well, TE may also be another good offensive position for you.

WHAT postion should i play?

whats you 40 time, how much do you bench and squat. are you quick? these are all questions that you should answer before you select a spot

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With your experience on the Offensive Line, first instinct would say to go out for TE and hope you get a growth spurt that puts you in a 6"+ range in terms of height. Depending on your speed FB would be another viable option. Yet if you wanted to play on the other side of the ball, LB would be a good fit depending on your reaction speed.

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play cornerback if you are quick & can cover good or you could play saftey if you can hit hard, stop run plays & cover & have good hands.

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im exacly the same play at dt

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Depends on whether you like hitting people or scoring touchdowns...

If you can catch, try tight end on offense...you can block and catch the ball.

Defense, maybe linebacker.if you can hit and got some speed, plus natural instincts to get to the runner and a taste for delivering the BIG hit!

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running back.

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If you are mean and have that killer instinct on the Field, go for line backer. If you are quick on your feet go for fullback.

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