How far does a high school quarterback need to me able to throw?

i can throw a littl over 45 yards and its pretty that good enough to be a starter or do i need to be able to throw farther.


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Doesn't matter how far you throw it if it's intercepted.
There is nothing wrong with short to mediem range passes as long as they are accurate and complete.
If you can zing it in short, your fine.
Don't concentrate on how far you can throw it, your coach is looking for smart decisions and accurate throws.
It's a wasted down to throw a bomb that is incomplete, or even worse, intercepted.
Study your playbook, know who will be open and when according to the defense you are looking at.
That will get you farther than seeing how far you can throw it.

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Thats a pretty strong arm. How is your accuracy? If you have good accuracy you could probably run a good Werst coast style offense. Just keep on building up your arm to about 60 yards and you will be ok!

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i think that u should be able to throw more than sixty yards.
i can throw sixty yards with an nfl ball and im in 8th grade.

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about 50 to 70yard

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I think just flat out throwing the ball and no accuracy at all, you should be able to throw it 60 yards. On target, accurate long balls, I would say around 45-50 yards

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its accuracy.Your not normally gonna be chucking it downfield all the time,but you need to be accurate.I could only throw 50 yards when i was in high school but i was extremely accurate and still wound up with a few scholarship offers.Of course we also ran an option offense so that may be part of the on your accuracy the strength will come.Hope this helps.

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Thats more than good enough. As long as your accurate you coach would not care if you threw 30 yards.

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ur good

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