Can you think of any gay footballers in the Premier League?

By the law of averages there must be at leat 10%. Why do they not 'come out'.


Why is Lampard so very, very bad when he plays for England ?

I can think of lots who are def. gay but due to libel & slander laws can't be named!! They don't come out as a majority of supporters are homophobic idiots who seem to think that if a player is gay and he supports that team he'll be seen as gay too!!ridiculous I know.
The laws of average are underestimated and more people are gay than admit (even to themselves!).
There are lots of footballers who are even married with kids and are your typical blokey morons that are closeted gays. A lot are national idols with women hanging off them and sleep with a dif woman every night-doesn't stop them being gay behind closed doors & wont make it go away! They'd probably play a bit better too if they were out and happy instead of hiding & miserable!! As a gay person I wish they would,they'd be much happier.

Where was the idea to wear shinguard when playing soccer came from?

Why should they? It's their personal choice.

As anyone else heard that Robbie Fowler's definitely coming Stoke in January?

their all gay

Who scored tottenham hotspurs goal when newcastle beat them 7-1 at st james' park in 1996097?

No, sorry, can't think of any. Have heard of some but don't remember the names.

But check out this video of a gay referee, it's hilarious! :-D

How many of u fell José Mourinho should stay in chelsea?

there will be definitely gay football players, but they will not come out for the same reason as John Amaechi of the NBA.

it will take a brave soul to come out while still actively playing.

Did Rio Ferdinand forget who is was playing for ?

Ashley Cole (allegedly) and Sol Campbell (allegedly).

The dallas soccer team is called fcdallas. what does fc stand for?

Theirry Henry

How happy am I that Man U got spanked in the San Siro?

Rumour has it Freddie Lyundberg is (allegedly) playing for the other side and I don't mean Tottenham.

Are they going to give another season of the Sopranoes and when?

Not the premiership, but it's rumoured all of Swansea City's first team are in fact sh*t stabbers.

Any Evertonians out there?

John O'shea (I think!) - is he still in premier league?
and I'll have a tenner on Christiano Ronaldo... didn't he turn down Gemma Atkinson?

Perhaps they don't 'come out' because of all the extra media attention they would get... not all footballers like to be high profile like Beckham.

Which 2 managers would you like to see fighting it out in the ring?

Personally i don't know any, but as you say there has to be a handful. But as football is seen as such a newsworthy sport if any of them came out, it would be front page headlines for weeks, so it wouldn't be worth all the hassle.

I need help chosing goalkeeper gloves!!?

Basically all of them. You basically have to be gay to play in the Leauge

Iam really good in football please give me tips to be a pro in football?

Joey barton! Hes gay

Information on Ivor Allchurch please?

The rumour is Sol Campbell - and it seems to have a really strong sense of truth to it.

There are quite a few rumours surrounding the winking fairy at ManUre.

There are probably a lot more but i doubt that they'll ever admit it

Who do people think the Leeds player that leaked the team is?

ive heard rumours of gary neville getting it on with keith gillespie!

Mexico vs venezuela?

There was a huge rumor going around that Emile Heskey is. There was also the Ashley Cole rumor going along with the Graham Le Saux one as well. As far as I know, John Fashanu was the only brave person to come out. I know he said he knew of at least 12 gay players when he was playing. I can't blame gay footballers for not coming out, i think their career would be over before they knew it.

Man u v milan predictions?

If there is 10% like you say, what difference would it make to anyone if they did come out. Surely it is up to the individual if they want all in sundry to know (ALL) their business. I know they get paid lots of money, BUT, they also have a lot to put up with, some of those paparazzi are relentless (remember princess Di). If they found out something like that their lives would be over. So if any Football Players in the Premier League have any SECRETS let them keep them SECRET. SHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Do you think that the Mascherano, Alonso midfield combination is the best midfield combo at Liverpool?

Gay Shiven in goal for Newcastle & Peter Shirtlift

Italian serie A...?

You say the law of averages 10% should be, but that doesn't quite work because then you could say only 10% of Air Stewards and Interior Designers are gay!

However there's Sol Campbell, I have a friend who works for the Sun and said that one's for sure.

The others are likely: Freddy Ljungberg, Henry, Gallas recently came out, Cissy Fabricass, Van Pansie, Al-moon-ya.

When was the last football home international between England & Scotland?

C.Ronaldo and Ashley Cole

Why are supporters of sunderland football club called mackems?

Matthew Upson is gay, he was sh*g Will Young while he was at Birmingham.

Liverpool Premiership?

yes when do the maths one in ten footballers in Premier league are gay or bisexual

Does anyones know of a site where i can find old world cup soccer jerseys? im talking about since the 1930s!?

we just have to wait and see who came up. but i think personally it doesn't matter who is or who's not.

Arsenal,chelsea,man utd,liverpool-fans,would you support spurs if you got relegated to the conference league?


I can think of lots of gay Cardiff supporters though.

Who can shoot the best free kick? beckham? juninho?nakamura or henry? roberto carlos?

"robbie savage, had to leave the scum, cos upson wants his bum, robbie savage"
the song says it all!!
justin fashanu killed himself cos he was gay apparently
housemate just told me matt taylor is gay - he's been linked to will young!


I agree with Spurs fan!

Bid confirmed for Shaun Wright Philips!?

Jenas (allegedly) Bramble (allegedly) Cole and Ronaldo (allegedly bat for both sides). I reckon most clubs have two or three in their squads. Why don't they come out? can you imagine the stick they would get , it would be unbearable for them.

Who's going down tomorrow?

nobody i can think of who has publicly said it

Calling all Geordies...?

You are right . the law of averages means that some must be but really, why is it relevant? Do you go around telling the world who you are having sex with? Not everyone wants to be a campaigner.

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