If I lift 10 pound Dumbbells for each arm 50 times a day, how long will it take me to start looking muscular?

10 pound dumbells, 50X a day. I am a male 5'7'' and 140lb.


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Exercise is about being progressive. Here's why:
Try running a mile every day for a month. Here's what you will find out in the beginning it is tremendously hard. As time goes on it gets easier and easier and your body finds the most efficient way (way to burn the least amount of calories) to complete that run.

Case in point: How hard is lifting the dumbbells now as compared to when you started? Much Easier Right? Therefore, make things progressive start building up to a heavier weight. In addition I would recommend varying others things besides just weight such as repetitions, different exercises, etc. This is extremely important!! You mentioned muscular so you mean size I assume. Size can be most efficiently gained by heavy weights and low repetitions. (They are low repetitions because the weight should be heavy enough that only a small amount of repetitions can be completed.)
Try this:
10 reps with a 10 pound weight
8 reps with a 15 pound weight
6 reps with a 20 pound weight.

Don't take it to literally mix things up with your workout and you will require your body to adjust to it's workload.
Try other exercises to:
Barbell Curls
Dumbell Curls
Preacher Curls
Reverse-Grip Curls
Incline Curls
Use other machines other than free weights I especially find cables to be a great alternative and allows you a much greater Range of Motion as well as control.
Hope this helps


It will only increase when you increase the weight. Gradual steps. If you have long muscles it takes more to get a bulk look. Talk to a trainer or gym coach.

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The more repetitions you do, the faster you will bulk up, or get muscular.
Just do the movements slowly and smoothly--never jerk your arms or try to speed through the exercise.
You will see good enough results in 6 weeks to proudly wear tank tops.
Good luck

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you wont. liting light weights for many reps only builds muscle endurance, not toning. gotta ind your max and lift 75% of max to failure. gradually increase weights and decrease reps

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If all you do is lift 10 pounds 50 times a day it will take you forever to start looking muscular.

Body fat is a big one when it comes to looking muscular. Do a lot of aerobic activity like swimming, running, biking. Also eat natural foods, and drink lots of water.

If you want more size you don't want to lift a weight 50 times, like the guy above me says it will only give you more endurance. Go with a weight that you can only do 8-10 times, maybe try a 30 pounder. Do that every 2 or 3 days (whenever you're not sore from the last workout) and when you can do that weight more than 8-10 times it's time to add another 5 pounds or so to each dumbell. Size is more about higher weight and lower reps.

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You're going in the wrong direction bro. Doing one thing with 50 reps is great. Variety is better. It depends on what you want to look muscular, specific body parts or in general.

It doesn't matter if you can only lift 10 lbs. or 100 lbs. you can still get the look you want.

Hear are 10 exercises to start with that will help your entire body.

Push Ups - works your chest
Sit Ups - works your abs
Dips - chest and arms
Pull Ups- Back and Arms
Military Press - Shoulders
Bicep Curls - Biceps
Donkey Kicks - Triceps
Squat - Legs
Dead Lift - Legs & Back
Bent Over Row - Back

You can look at my source site if you have any questions about a specific exercise. All these exercises can be done with dumbbells and purely body weight. No fancy machines or heavy duty weight plates.

The key is to take only a few of these exercises and perform them per day. For example my routine consists of Arms on Monday/ Chest & Back on Wednesday / Shoulders & Abs on Friday / Sunday Legs. I do 5 sets of 10 reps of each exercise. This helps develop long lean muscle and overall strength. Plus it will help promote what you're after which is that "look".

The other key is your eating habits. You should be eating 6 times a day with smaller portions. I have breakfast, mid morning snack, workout, late lunch, dinner, late snack. Look into possibly a protein shake, but stay away from creatine it is deadly! Cut back on your soda and sweets. More protein, veggies, breads, and fruits.

I've been doing this for 3 months now and I've put on 10 lbs. of pure muscle and I have that "muscular look". A month of this and you will start seeing some major results.

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Geez guy up the weight! I'm an Asian girl and even I can curl 25 for 10 reps...

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