Are plastic Golf Tees better the Wodden Tees?

Question:What are the pros and cons for the 2 of them. I dont know which ones to buy as they are at the same price.

What do you like better and which type is better?


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Hello AFLump

I personally dont see any difference in them, except maybe the plastic ones will last a few hits longer.

Now the biggest difference is that when left laying on the tee boxes the plastic ones will never go away but the wood ones at least will rot and blend in with the turf.

I think wood tees are better for the environment.


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Plastic- More distance with the ball, but break A LOT easier than wood

Wood- Not as much distance but last longer

If you have the money I would buy the plastics

Does anybody else think it would be cool?

plastic tees are better because they are more durable and dont break everytime you hit one and they are more forgiveing when you do hit one and wont interfere as much with the contact on the ball. plus they come in different styles that can help with your contact of the ball. and i have found that they generally hold the ball better

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I've found while plastic tees last longer, they tend to scratch my driver. I only use wooden tees after seeing the damage plastic tees do. A friend of mine uses a strange thing that looks like a shaving brush - little bristles his ball sits on. The amazing thing is he's been using the same thing for 2 years while I've gone through 200 tees in the same time. But I still prefer wooden tees.

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You would want the plastic tees because they last quite a bit longer, they come in a lot of sizes, and you can find them easier. It is also easier to hit contact with it.

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Use wood tees. No difference in performance, better for environment. No real golfers use plastic tees.

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Everyone here, except for the first guy, is right and has good answers. But listen to iwasnotanazipolka. He is talking about brush tees, they are the best. You never lose them, and they never break. They also don't mess up your club at all and the less resistance makes the ball go farther and straighter. It comes in differnt sizes.

Go to: for info on them.

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The club strikes the ball long before it reaches the tee. so it makes no difference to the ball flight. Whichever you think looks better is the only difference.

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Wooden tees are cheap and in most cases free it doesn't matter the Club hits the ball first so little Resistance does the tee have on the balls affect because its teed up in the air plastic tees suck because they bend. Go to a golf course and you can find about 50 tees on the driving range or pay a dollar for about a hundred.

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In some parts of the world they are not allowed to use plastic tees as the ruin the lawnmower blades.

So I would have to say Wooden tees

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