Lesbians on the LPGA?

I'm not asking this with any disrespect, but I'm curious as to how many players on the LPGA are lesbians. Don't get me wrong, I think they're great golfers, I'm just curious.


Michelle Wie?

I'm a member of the LPGA (not lesbian, if you must know), and I have never seen any statistics. There certainly are lesbians, but then there are lesbian teachers, doctors, lawyers, salespeople. I'm sure it's much less than 50 percent. I know a lot of the girls who are married or who are single and flirt with the boys. I can't even believe I'm answering this question because who cares?

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well, i don't really know but i would like to say some are cuz they look kinda manly lol.

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Just curious? As in curious-bi?

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It's a well known fact that the nickname for the ladies is: dykes on spikes.

I have reliable advice that it's more than half.

But hey, who really cares??

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I don't think any reliable statistics are available. Probably the same ratio as gay guys on the PGA. This whole ridiculous topic really is not worthy of discussion in this forum.

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i dont know, but if u watch the tournoments, they might stick out to u

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kirk k did you say on ur censor numbnuts?

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Check out the book "Who's Your Caddie". He goes into a few details about the LPGA tour.

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