Beginner golf club sets? Affinity vs Jack Nicklaus vs Top Flite vs Ram?

Question:I'm looking to get started in golf and am comparing many different sets. However, I don't know which brand to trust with my $200 to $300. Any suggestions? I'm looking at an Affinity set for $300 from the local golf store, a Jack Nicklaus set for $250 from Costco, A Top Flite set for $160 from Meijer (department store), or a Ram set for $189 from another golf store.


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Here is the thing about your first set of clubs, you need to play 15 or 20 sometimes more before you will have a good idea what type of clubs you want. You first set needs to be something with a bigger sweet spot that is more forgiving. I think a used set sometimes is best. The reason to go with a cheap set at first is so you don't lose a lot of money. Once you have played enough to know what you want, go to as many demo days as you can. Have them fit you. All the sets mention are about the same but one person may perfer one over the other. I"m sure you can get the same sets used for $80.00. I have a lot of club info links on my blog roll

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my suggestion is go to or and get your son or daughter a set of knock offs that are custom made for their size. don't be afraid to make them a little longer so they will grow into them, i bought a set of oxygen irons for my son who is just starting to play and the clubs are great. i also have a set and and they cost me about 150$ for the irons;i also have a 900$ set of nike slingshots and i hit the oxygen's a lot better. it is good equipment for the price

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I'd go with the Jack Nicklaus set. The Nicklaus clubs are frequently in "Golf Digest," so my guess is that they are the best ones for the $$$. What ever you do, don't get the RAMS. I tested out a set, and the woods STINK.

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go with the jack nicklaus set. they are all about the same in design and quality..they are a great choice for a beginner.

and use top-flite or pinnacle balls they are less exspensive and they work just as well

until you know your swing and game don't spend too much money on equipment. when you become a decent golfer, then is the time to choose clubs that fit "your" swing.

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Topflite would be my best bet in your case. Ram is a dying breed and hardly ever used anywhere, they have changed their marketing strategy due to the fact tht no one will use their clubs. i currently have a Ram 3 wood and LOVE IT but it was only $10 at a the store, which was the main reason I bought it. Jack Nicklaus, is pretty much a name stamped onto a club for profit. not really great set but since you're a beginner doesn't really matter. Affiinity are bottom of the line and if they're priced at $300 then it's a rip off. they should be around 150-180 tops. The top flite are the cheapest but they are also the best for your buck. they are trustworthy for your sake and will still give you a nice set for a reasonable price. Hippo and john Daly are pretty much the same as the Jack Nicklaus. name slapped on a club. overall, go with the top flite set if it's a full set including the drivers, irons and putter. if it doesn't go with the Ram set as they usually have all the clubs you need included. also, make sure they have a bag included as well. save you an extra $50 at least.

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Do not get RAM, I got a set to get started last year, and I swung the head right off the driver at the driving range. I wouldn't get Top Flite either. Affinity is the best, but you might like the Nicklaus set better.

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Its hard to tell w/o seeing them or playing them but i'd go with the jack Nicklaus set or the Top Flite set. I bought RAM clubs when i began and i now have callaway( quite an improvement huh?) but anyhow the only thing i have to say about RAM is they make pretty good irons for the beginner but their woods aren't very forgiving.

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-you dont want a lot of shaft flex in your woods
-you want a large sweet spot
-the heavier the club heads the better (not including putter and woods) (depends on your strength, the stronger you are the heavier you can go)
-you should only try spinning the ball when you have more experience so dont get hi spin balls or clubs
-for a putter the longer the clubhead (club face to back of the head) the better, and the putter should have a line at a 90 degree angle to the club face, if it doesnt have a line it makes it much harder to line up your putts
-also dont get a long broomstick putter they are less accurate
-the shaft of the putter should make a strait line with the center of the club face (or around the center) like this

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Check out Golf Discount Clubs and Equipment. They have great prices on golf clubs and a lot of good articles on choosing golf clubs. They also have other articles related to golf which are great whether your are a novice or have been playing for a while.

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