Does the ball go farther in the winter or the summer?


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Summer depending on the wind LOL
Your swing in cold weather will be the main factor for the shorter distance.

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summer the ground is drier.

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Since air is lighter in Summer a thrown ball would travel further. Just like when you kick a ball at sea level like in San Francisco Monster Park (3" below), you get considerable less distance than when you kick it at Mile High Stadium in Denver.

During Summer, when the ground is hot, the hot air has the tendency to go up and make the air really thin. So thin in a fact that in an exteremely hot day, they have to stop the planes from taking off from some airports with very short runways.

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on the snow and the grass??in the air??what kind of ball?
i can't understand the physics,so i can't tell you

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it rolls further in the summer cos the ground is drier

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Summer, because the ball is in it's optimal temperature range. In winter the ball is like a rock. Otherwise, I would think the ball would go farther in winter due to lower humidity, plus getting nice bounces from rock-hard frozen fairways.

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when its hit harder

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air particules move around faster as heat is applied,therfore the ball can pass through the air quicker because there is less resistance (drag) than cold air.

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The ball will tend to go further in the winter in summer rainfall regions 'cause the ground is drier.

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Winter. in the winter, the air is thinner because it's so cold, and it's easier for the ball to fly through the air. you can get alot of distance in the summer if the ground is dry though. this is correct information.

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1) Warm golf balls are more elastic than cold balls. See the below cut & paste from the website.

2) Cold winter air is heavier and the ball does not fly as far.

Q: How does temperature affect the distance that a golf ball will travel?
A: Golf balls are made from a solid or liquid core with tightly-wound materials, and require a certain amount of elasticity in order to release kinetic energy during a collision (bounce). The property of elasticity is affected by temperature. Warm balls have a greater ability to flex during a collision, thereby recovering more kinetic energy than golf balls at colder temperatures. This scientific principle is called the coefficient of restitution. Simply put, the ball’s ‘bounciness’ is dependent on the elasticity of the materials, and the bouncier the ball, the farther it will travel when struck by a golf club.

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Summer. the ball goes further in warmer air because the cold reduces the compression of the ball which decreases the distance

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Most definitely summer for me. A summer drive of mine averages about 250 yards. Winter average is zero yards.

Ahh, maybe that is because I don't play in the winter!

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summer it depends on the type of ball i have maxfli
and i can hit them better in the summer

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