What is the longest distance anyone has ever hit a golf ball?


What is the average driving distance for non pros?

some of the long drive pros hit the ball over 350-400 yards...

How can i hit a golf ball longer?

Buzz Aldrin or another Apollo Astronaut on the moon. It went a LOOOOONG ways.

What opponent was Scotish golfer Sandy Lyle asked about in 1992, prompting his response: "I don't know. I'...

515 Yards

What is the best website to find golf club components specificly wood heads that are offset or closed?

Sean Fister has hit 530 yard drive. His ball had 30 seconds of hang-time 0n one drive.

In golf,one under par is a birdie,two under par is an eagle,3 under par is an albatross,what is 4 under par?

Longest golf drive in competition:

Name: Mike Austin
Date: 1974
Place: National Seniors Open in Las Vegas

Distance: 515 Yards

Notes: The hole is long, straight, and flat, measuring at 450 yards. Mike Austin had a 30 MPH tailwind to assist him. Needless to say his drive went well over the green. His carry was just over 400 yards, landing short of the green, then taking some nice bounces coming to rest 65 yards past the flag.
He did all of this with a wooden driver and the old golf balls.

The longest drive ever was on an airport runway by Jack Hamm, it went 1012 yards.

Does a par 3 course count towards your handicap?

Jose maria olazabal on a plane in the middle of the atlantic made a humungous putt, the lenght of the cabin on his way to the ryder cup. miles and miles. (the 4 jet engines propelling it helped!)

What is the best brand of golf clubs for women?

I have hit a golf ball 1 mile no joke! i was at the lake and it was frozen over i hit a low booming shot and i clocked it to be a little over a mile. but any one can do this!

On a links type course, which is the preferred bounce for my pitching, sand and lob wedges?

Interesting question today, I know at Hill Air Force Base a person hit a golf ball - I will cut and past the message sent to all the Air Force Golf Course managers
We had a golfer hit a drive 772 yds on the runway...a US record on any surface!

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